Mystic Realm of Colors will be an upcoming episode of Season 2 in the series In a Locked Room. There may be one or two parts, likely the latter. In this episode, the gang will explore and discover about Mystic Ruins.


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The orb finally reveals its identity as the entire gang moves through Mystic Ruins. Little to what everyone knows, there is a realm of colors in it. No one got to enter this realm. Will the gang be the first batch of explorers to explore in that area? What is the red orb's mission to fulfill with the gang? Was there a secret being kept for a long time? There are many questions to be asked!





(This is not in order of appearance, since this episode is not released just yet.)

The * denotes a character's first proper appearance.


  • Sonic Adventure - This room is based on the majority of the stories that involve Mystic Ruins.


  • The title of this episode comes from a phrase of this quote by Hans Hofmann, "The whole world, as we experience it visually, comes through us through the mystic realm of color."
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