"Me, clever? It's passed down, in a sense. But thank you. Ah ha... Ha ha ha ha...! AAAH HA HA HA HA- *cough* Ergh, I shouldn't do that. It kills."
— Mirage (Talking to Galaximus)[source]

Mirage is a villainous Roserade from the Sinnoh region (in Eterna Forest), who wants revenge on humanity. She is controlled by BoltBlizard.




  • Petal Blizzard - A 90 base power Grass-type move, Mirage surrounds herself in a tornado of red and blue rose petals before disassembling the tornado to hit anyone around her.
  • Energy Ball - A 90 base power Grass-type move, Mirage generates the power of nature into a sphere, then launches it towards her target of choice. There is a chance this can lower their defenses, and thus ramp up the damage.
  • Nature Power - A Normal-type move that allows Mirage to take advantage of the environment around her - and upon use, lets her use a move of which she wouldn't normally be able to.
    • If used in snowy terrain, she uses Blizzard - a 110 base power Ice-type move that hits all her foes in the range and with a chance to freeze - at the lack of some accuracy.
    • If used near water, she uses Hydro Pump - a 110 base power Water-type move that hits a single target at the trade off for less accuracy than Blizzard.
    • If used in a building, she uses Tri Attack - a 90 base power Normal-type move that hits a single target and has a 20% chance to burn, paralyze OR freeze the target.
  • Poison Sting - A weak 20 base power Poison-type move, Mirage fires poisonous darts at whoever she pleases from her two rose hands. While not strong, these stings will at least cause the injured to stop moving for a second or two. Or worse; this attack comes with the added effect of poisoning.

Natural Cure

Mirage's ability is Natural Cure - and it's effects support her role even more. Upon retreating, anything that hinders her such as burning or paralysis fades away - and allows her to eventually re-enter battle with nothing really in her way apart from the damage she may have took before.


Mirage is often very secretive, and deceptive. If all else needs to - she will resort to dire circumstances to get her goal achieved. While it is dangerous, Mirage knows this very well. She is a talented strategist, but often underestimates her foes' endurance when she puts her plans into action.


  • She was once never going to appear - and would instead be replaced by a Toxapex, but the plan was voided due to the lack of a name (Bolt did not know what to name said Toxapex).
    • The reason Roserade was chosen over Toxapex was because Bolt has more nostalgic experience with Roserade thanks to the Pokémon anime when Diamond and Pearl were out.
    • The reason Toxapex was a choice though is because it is Bolt's favorite Pokémon overall, but Roserade was chosen moreover due to the nostalgic attachment as previously said.
  • This is Bolt's first character not strictly a human or 'animal' by nature (being more like a mix of both in appearance but not in nature). The one most similar to her in this case is Velouria.
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