Milo Danger (pronounced "dohn-ge") Murphy is the main character in Milo Murphy's Law, voiced by Al Yankovic. He is the best friend of Melissa Chase and Zack Underwood, and is condemned to live his whole life following Murphy's law: anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. He is roleplayed by JeloJellyJam.


Milo has a reputation for having extreme misfortune. Where ever he goes, unexpected accidents and catastrophes follow him. Incidents that endanger himself and the people around him. Despite the misfortune that happens so often in his life, Milo is very optimistic and calm in the face of it. When bad things happen to him (and they usually do), he always finds a way to overcome it. Milo is prepared for any eventuality, and carries a huge backpack loaded with stuff for any adversity he faces. Helmets when running from a rolling sewage pipe, a seat belt when riding a runaway subway car, and much more.[1]

Experiences So Far



  • Milo lives a few neighborhoods away ro Phineas and Ferb.
    • He also knows them.
  • When he first appeared, he only made minor speaking roles because his roleplayer was hesitant to use him, since he couldn't quite get his personality. However, in later appearances, he seems to speak more because of planning to use Jelo less, and because he got the hang of it.


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