"I've lived too long."
— Michael Afton

Michael Afton is the oldest son of William Afton, who after an incident, was left with purple skin and an inability to die by most conventional means. He is controlled by ItzXenos.


Michael Afton's most notable features is his purple skin, which has various tears and wounds across it's surface as well as sections that are greyer and maroon in colour. His face lacks any sort of facial hair, and is thin to the point his face more or less resembles his skull. His eyes are completely missing, with only small white pupils in their place.

He normally wears a grey hoodie and dark blue jeans, and usually wears a special mask to cover his face. He also wears a pair of light grey wool gloves to cover his hands. When on official business, however, he wears a black suit and tie, along with his hoodie and mask.


Michael is for the most part quiet, and when he does speak, he is often lacking any emotion in his voice, often coming of as cold and uninterested. Like Athena, he has a habit of making sarcastic remarks, although his are far more direct and usually meaner. He also has a habit of being rather unphased by things going on around him, mostly due to his numbness or his general disassociation in life. He also happens to be a somewhat talented artist.

However, Michael's lack of emotion means he has no filter on what he chooses to say, usually ending up sounding sarcastic, plain up mean or randomly saying stuff no one needed to hear. A good example of this is in Dressed in Purple, where after Athena mentions they are heading back to the hotel to get some sleep, Michael randomly brings up that he hasn't slept in years as they arrive at the hotel, much to both Athena and Aurora's confusion.

He speaks in a rather calm, yet brooding tone of voice, using a southeastern British accent.

Powers and Abilities

  • Immortality: Being essentially a zombie means Michael is practically immortal, albeit stuck in his current form.
  • Low Invulnerability: Michael has been shown to be unable to killed by certain conventional means, like bullets and even being stabbed.
  • Numbness: Michael is unable to sense most sensations such as pain and the cold, as well as being unable to sense things coming in contact with him.


  • TBA



  • Michael's IaLR depiction is also inspired by Castiel from the TV Series Supernatural, both being near emotionless and struggling to understand certain human behaviours.
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