"All living things bow to your master!"
— Metal Sonic, Sonic Heroes

"Long time no see, Sonic, my loathsome copy."
— Metal Sonic, Sonic Heroes

Metal Sonic is a character in IaLR from the Sonic the Hedgehog universe. He was built by Dr. Eggman and wants nothing more than to destroy Sonic the Hedgehog. He is roleplayed by SuperGaming101.


Metal Sonic looks like Sonic a bit, except extremely robotic. He has a different shaped head, has sharper ears, has yellow instead of peach as a secondary color, has black sclera and red irises.


Metal Sonic's personality is the opposite of Sonic's. He is an extremely unkind, unforgiving ruthless coldhearted killer dead set on what he wants. He despises Sonic very much, some may even say even more than Dr. Eggman.

Official description

What happens when Eggman thinks of fighting fire with fire? Metal Sonic! Metal Sonic is a powerful robot with a large arsenal of dangerous abilities, including being as fast as Sonic! But you should be weary of his copy ability..If you let it get out of hand, he'll show you what he's made of!


In the Source Material

Metal Sonic was constructed by Eggman to rival Sonic's incredible speed and power. He has fought Sonic many times, although every time he has been beat, although some times he got really close.


Metal Sonic came with Eggman to the Locked Rooms to help him take over the rooms.

Powers and abilities

Metal Sonic possesses many dangerous abilities. He has super speed, super strength, can fly, can teleport, is capable to use the powers of Chaos such as Chaos Control and Chaos Rift, has a shield he can use whenever he wants, can do Sonic's abilities such as the Spin Jump and Homing Attack, can charge up an powerful overdrive attack, and can shoot powerful giant big laser beams from it's chest. However, Metal Sonic's most powerful ability would have to be his power to copy anybody he see's abilities. He can transform into stronger forms with this, such as Neo Metal Sonic and Metal Overlord.

Villainous Acts



Sonic the Hedgehog

Metal Sonic wants Sonic dead, and will do anything to make sure he will die a painful death. Metal Sonic thinks of Sonic as nothing more than his 'loathsome copy', and that he is the one true Sonic. Destroying Sonic is Metal Sonic's one true goal.

Dr. Eggman

Eggman is Metal Sonic's creator, and gives him orders. Metal Sonic usually does what Eggman wants, although there has been some times where Metal Sonic went crazy and betrayed Eggman, even almost killing him once if it wasn't for Sonic and his friends.

Mecha Sonic

Mecha Sonic is Metal Sonic's rival other than Sonic. Metal Sonic hates Mecha Sonic because to Metal Sonic, he is just yet another fake Sonic and that Metal Sonic can be the only one. He also hates him for wanting to kill Sonic, something that Metal Sonic very much wants to do himself.

Shard the Metal Sonic

Metal Sonic really hates Shard, as he sees him as a horrible knock-off of himself, even though Shard came first. They share a rivalry similar to Metal's and Mecha's rivalry.




  • Metal Sonic seems to have worked with Infinite once, as seen in the Sonic Forces E3 Trailer. However, the Metal Sonic in the game was just a replica generated by the Phantom Ruby. Metal Sonic's actual affiliation with Infinite is unknown.
  • Metal Sonic's overdrive form was a form gained by copying Fork-bot's power, hence the red and blue color scheme. He has also gained the power to shoot missiles in this form, another ability that belongs to Fork-bot.
    • Metal Sonic and Fork-bot share a few things in common, such as both being robotic copies of confident heroes Sonic the Hedgehog and Red Fork that they share a hatred for, both were created by scientists, both can fly, and both can shoot laser beams out of certain areas, just to name a few.
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