Mesprit is a wild Psychic-type Pokemon who will appear from time to time in the series In a Locked Room, notably in Season 2.


Mesprit is the second of the three Lake Guardians to appear in the series. Unlike Uxie, however, it only made a brief appearance in its debut, Popping Party at the Monkey City. It chose Yoshi because he is able to sense emotions of strangers nearby and takes care of them, whenever in need. Mesprit first appeared with a pink floating orb, with it as the figure. It telepathically speaks to Yoshi about an upcoming disaster. It states that emotion is part of life's true meaning and it can't be a real life without it. Shortly after, it gives which direction Yoshi needs to go to meet up with the Locked Room gang again, then it disappears as a mirage, the pink orb fading.

Mesprit will appear again from time to time, but the rooms for that are unknown.


Whenever it goes, Mesprit gives varied emotions to those who feel it. It deeply wants to protect emotion at all costs. It is also shown to be cheerful and very positive.

Known Moves

None of Mesprit's moves are shown. However, it can spread many thoughts of characters to one another, notably the future ones.


  • Like the rest of the Lake Guardians, Mesprit is based on Fairy27's headcanon and its Pokemon anime counterpart.
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