Me is a character created by TheO0032. He is currently a member of The Frozen Watermelons.


Me is neutral and has virtually (mostly) no personality, but he is known to be salty from time to time, like TheO0032's other characters in roleplays.

In the locked rooms

He helped everyone defeat evil clones and get past the rooms of Portal. He did play with portals (and the previous version of him broke the 4th wall and caused a lot of chaos), but he helped everyone later on. Back in "The Room of Portal", he argued a lot with script about whether to go right or left. Going right usually leads to HAWKINS's lair, and they have to argue at every fork in the road. When he died, he reincarnated, unless someone is singing. This was responsible for his untimely death.

On Splatoon, he got transformed into a sunflower because, according to Script, he was exposed to radiation. After that, he grew a bunch of vines.

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