Mad Doc Luinsanity or Mad Doc or Doc Luingus IQ-99 is Doc's insane clone from Dimension IQ-99. He is the main antagonist of the Room of Mysteries, as he wants every people in the universe to go insane. And appears as an antagonist in Season 2. Mad Doc is immune to the effects of Sanity Crystals however he is damaged by them. Mad Doc is potrayed by PaperMarioFan1000.

Official Description

Insane, Mad, and Crooked. Mad Doc is the most insane person in the world. How did he become insane though? Nobody knows.


Mad Doc seems to be the most insane villain of all the villains in the IALR series, as a cruel sadistic madman. He enjoys to see chaos and death in others and laugh after every sentence of his due to his high insanity level. Mad Doc cannot get under control due to his sanity.

In Inside the Insanity, It reveals why Mad Doc has became insane.


See Stories: Inside the Insanity


Season 2

He first appeared in Here we Are, in the main series. But his first appearance was in Villains Unite! He works with Mr. P, and helps him kidnap people.

Room of Mysteries

In the Room of Mysteries, He appears as an antagonist as his true plans are revealed. He wanted to create a giant vaccine and bomb it down towards the Earth so everybody in Earth can go insane and have Mad Doc become Earth's ruler.

Items Owned

  • Mini Tesla Coils
  • Electricity Powers
  • Insanity

Items Lost

  • Insanity Crystals (Possible Name: Insanite)


Name Origin

  • Mad Doctor Luinsanity is a combination of mad and a portmanteau of Doc Luingus and insanity, making the word Luinsanity.
  • Luinsanity can also be a twist of "losing sanity."


  • Mad Doc's Initials are M.D. Which is a type of Degree which to becoming a medical doctor.

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