Lunchtime in the Lab was an Episode planned by ThePlantedAKEE, but is now scrapped.


The Locked Room Gang takes vacation, but before they leave they are interrupted by "Government Agents" saying "they need to be 'escorted' to an 'island'". They refuse, getting knocked out and waking up on said "island".

They wake up in front of the lab. Going inside the lab, someone finds a tape recorder, and plays it. The message says "Greetings Locked Room Gang, Dr. S here with an important message... Your all going to get destroyed by me, and then i'm going to take over the world with you out of the way! Enjoy the last few moments of your life! Or freedom if you so chose to surrender and become my slave."


  • Boom Beach - Dr. Stitch is a villain based on Dr. T from this game
  • Sonic Adventure 2/Sonic Adventure 2: Battle - The laboratory the gang wakes up in what is based on the Lost Colony in one of Eggman's stages.


  • This was going to be the first episode ThePlantedAKEE thought of.
  • This was going to be the first episode where ThePlantedAKEE introduces a villain.
    • In fact, this episode was going to feature the first villain that ThePlantedAKEE created.
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