The Loud House
TLHP Loud house
Language: English
Stories: 3
Color(s): White (walls), Black (roof)
Location Info
Street: 1216 Franklin Avenue
City: Royal Woods
Country: USA
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance: "Outside the Rooms"

The Loud House (1216 Franklin Avenue, Royal Woods) is the home and residence of the Loud family.[1]


The exterior of the house is painted white, with a black colored roof, a porch on the front side, a chimney running up the left side of the house, and a garage on the right side. The walls of the basement are made of red bricks.[1]

The house suffers from faulty water pressure, creaky floorboards, rotting wood, a clunky furnace, crummy TV signals, doorknobs that broke off from their doors, a malfunctioning mailbox, and a broken doorbell.[1]


  • The house is inspired by Chris Savino's childhood home. The address of the house (1216) is the same as the address where he grew up. Also, the boomerang and the frisbee on the roof of the Loud house are based on the many toys and objects Savino's family threw on their house roof.[1]
  • Lincoln's room and the living room are the most occupied rooms in the house.[1]
  • The house has some similarities with Timmy Turner's house from The Fairly OddParents, as both are the main setting of their respective series, and many times, they're destroyed.[1]
  • Because of the children's many antics and mess, the house has finished partially or completely destroyed multiple times.[1]
  • The house is close to both a barbershop, and a church.[1]


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