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Lillie is a Pokemon Trainer who first debuted in Isolation Point.


Lillie has the same history as the in-game Lillie, up to just before Nebby's evolution. From there, she continued to catch Pokemon, but when her mother, Lusamine, opened up an unstable portal to Ultra Space, she fell through it. Lusamine, devastated, tried to redirect the portal, and it ended up leading to the Locked Room world.

Isolation Point

She lands in a store, and saves Princess Peach from hypothermia. Her Meowth is bugged by a Necromite.

Stare into the Dragon Soul

She runs into Jelo, and fights off some dragons with Shiron.

The Dream Dimension

Lillie is mortally wounded and Creeper takes her to his house to recover.

That Good Night

Lillie stops Creeper's attempted suicide.

Locked Room 3D World

Lillie, after months of absence, returns to the Rooms, loosing her cheery demanor.



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Lillie's Meowth debuts in Isolation Point, getting bugged by a Necromite. Due to the effects of bugging someone who isn't dead, he gains the ability to talk. Meowth dies in The Dream Dimension and is fully converted into a Killer Robot in That Good Night.

Known Moves


Shiron is an Alolan Vulpix who debuts in Stare into the Dragon Soul to fight off some dragons. Shiron dies in The Dream Dimension and is converted into a Killer Robot in That Good Night.

Known Moves


Jelo Elducal

Lillie has a huge crush on Jelo. But he doesn't know this.


  • Lillie is primarily based off of game Lillie, instead of Anime Lillie.
    • Ironically, Shiron is based off of Anime Lillie's Alolan Vulpix.
  • Alolan Meowth's ability to talk is based off of Team Rocket's Meowth from Pokemon Yellow.
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