Lemon Glass is a pegasus that lives in Ponyville, she's one of Red Fork and Blue Ocean's pony friends. She works making and selling lemonade. Seems pretty simple, but her business has somehow became a large and prosperous business that is well known in all Ponyville. She is roleplayed by Redfork2000.

Her first appearance in IALR was in Humanimation.


She is a kind, lovable and overall very caring character. She is always looking out for whoever needs her help, and is willing to put herself in danger or uncomfortable situations if it's to help someone else. She has a great heart.

She is also known to be a good baby-sitter, one of the best there is. In fact, Red Fork called her in the first place to "baby-sit" Blast and Captain Red Shell.


  • Flight: Being a Pegasus means she can fly with her small wings.
  • Lemon Projectiles: Lemon Glass always carries loads of lemons with her, and can use them for a wide variety of purposes, including as projectiles. Where she keeps all those lemons though is a mystery.


  • Cooking: Lemon Glass is a skilled cook.


Stats LemonGlass.png

Lemon Glass has below average stats across the board. Her best stat is of course mobility, as she's a pegasus she is able to fly pretty well, making mobility her only stat that is above average. She has mostly low stats, with the lowest being defense, since as she is a pegasus, she has lighter and less dense bones in order to be able to fly, similar to birds, and therefore she takes a lot more damage from physical attacks than most characters do. Her power stat is also very low, as her main method of attacking are explosive lemons, which don't do much damage.

According to IaLR: Tier Lists - Ponies, Lemon Glass is an E tier character, as she is able to defeat bottom tiers, but her low stats really make most matchups against mid and high-tiers nearbly unwinnable for her.

Relations with other characters

  • Red Fork: They are good friends. They have always seemed to get along very well, and have very good interactions.
  • Blue Ocean: Lemon Glass is always caring for Blue Ocean and finding ways to help him. Blue Ocean doesn't pay much attention to her though, but thanks her when he feels she deserves it.
  • Jelo Elducal: He knows her from TGCC. They are good friends. Once she rushed to help Jelo when she saw him falling like a meteor, and didn't even mind about the big impact she suffered when they crashed into land.
  • Sour Lemon: He's her younger sibling. She's always doing her best to take care of him and protect him. In many occasions she's seen wishing to gather money for his college studies, and doing her best to be a good role model for him. Sometimes he takes advantage of her kindness for his own benefit, but once Lemon Glass learns to stand up for herself, he no longer does that.


  • She's the first female character roleplayed by Redfork2000.
  • She has a secret crush on Blue Ocean.



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