Kyoji is a main character from Heroes Through Time and The Portal Problem. He is a ninja originally from Ancient Japan who is a member of Green Shadow's gang since "Night of the Ninjas". He is roleplayed by PeaVZ108.


In Heroes Through Time, Kyoji wears a black mask and a black ninja robe, as well as a black belt. He has black eyes and blonde hair. He also wears black boots.

In The Portal Problem and IaLR stories, Kyoji's mask becomes cyan with a metal plate containing the yin yang symbol, and he wears a long-sleeved shirt of the same color. He also wears a flak jacket, a golden belt, dark blue pants, ninja fingerless gloves and black shoes.


Green Shadow

At first, Kyoji seems uncomfortable with Green Shadow's presence and mistakes her gang for spies. However, by the end of his debut episode, Kyoji regards Green Shadow as a good friend.

Bonk Choy

Kyoji is well-aware of Bonk Choy being his greatest fan, and as such he tries to play it cool in front of Bonk Choy. The two share a rather friendly relationship and have common interests in martial arts.

Re-Peat Moss

The two do not interact much, but Kyoji seems worried when Re-Peat Moss gets harmed.


Kyoji was Starcade's mentor and caretaker when they were younger. To Starcade, he is very patient and caring, as in "The Frost Awakens", he immediately stops attacking when he realises that he was harming her. He too is overjoyed when reuniting with Starcade.

In Heroes of Echo Creek, it is later shown that their relationship has developed to the point that they have become a couple.


Kyoji hates Shogo for his hunger of power and what he has put him through. He is determined to destroy the evil warlord

The Gemstones

Kyoji has a stable relationship with most of the gemstones. However, he does take time to get along with Red Ruby, who tend to disagree with his ideas often.

Akasha the Burning Shadow

Kyoji used to have a crush on Akasha when he was younger, until the time came when he killed Shogo the Warlord, who was Akasha's father. Since then, Akasha hates Kyoji and she decides to ambush him. At first, Kyoji did not fight back until Starcade became dragged into the fight. Kyoji then starts to turn against Akasha, and since then, the two become sworn enemies.

In "The Return of the Warlord", Akasha stops seeking for revenge after discovering the truth that Shogo does not care for her the same way she does to him, and quits her villainy career. Kyoji and Akasha become good friends again as a result.


Kyoji and Takeshi are very good friends. Despite being the one responsible for kidnapping Kyoji in his sleep, Takeshi nonetheless shows his loyalty when he refuses to kill Kyoji as instructed by Akasha back when she was a villain, and decides to fight Akasha instead, resulting in his death. Kyoji later proceeds to sacrifice his sword to resurrect the latter, which proves the strong sense of loyalty both ninjas have with each other.


Kyoji and Sasuke did not have a good start for a relationship. Sasuke was at first obsessed with Sword of Elementia and fought Kyoji for it, only to be defeated by that very weapon later. He resorted to attacking Echo Creek in "The Human Tsunami", stealing Akasha's Shadow Gauntlets and using them against the gang. Sasuke later realizes his mistakes after being defeated and Kyoji forgives him, causing the two to become good friends ever since.


Kyoji and Sakura are siblings. They have been separated during the Japanese war, and after their parents were killed by Shogo, Kyoji goes to the Light Sensei and requests for him to take care of Sakura. As a result, Sakura thinks that Kyoji has fallen to Shogo as well and becomes a revenge seeker. Her first attempt failed, which resulted in her imprisonment.

Despite being freed later on by Takeshi, she executes a second attempt in taking revenge on Shogo's children. She fails again, but this time, she realizes that Kyoji is still alive and stops trying to seek revenge, assured that there is still hope for her family. Reunited, Kyoji and Sakura begin to love each other more than before.


Stats Kyoji
Kyoji is a well-rounded character with above average stats. As a skilled ninja, stealth is his strongest stat thanks to his smoke bombs and an above average mobility stat that allows him to move around quickly.

While Kyoji usually tries to tackle an opponent stealthily, being exposed by his opponent is not enough to stop him. He has good intelligence and defense stats that can help him counter opponents easily and defend himself from their attacks. Combined with a high HP stat, Kyoji is not an easy opponent to defeat.

According to IaLR: Tier Lists - Ninjas, Ninjas Everywhere!, Kyoji is a high B tier character with high stats that allow him to easily take on the mid-tier characters and even a few high-tier characters on his own. Despite being an ice ninja, not even fire attacks, a typical ice ninja's main weakness, can do much to him as he can easily deal with such attacks before they hit him. He is definitely one of the stronger characters in the Locked Room Gang, along with Red Fork and a few others.


Kyoji's Battle Theme (Shadow Fight 2 OST - Black Warrior - Extended +Download)

Kyoji's Battle Theme (Shadow Fight 2 OST - Black Warrior - Extended +Download)


  • Kyoji's robes change from black to light blue in The Portal Problem.
  • In "Night of the Ninjas", Kyoji mentions that his province has over 9000 ninjas. This is a reference to Dragon Ball Z.
  • In "The Shock about the New Shadow", it is revealed that Kyoji's birthday is on April Fools' Day.
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