Kelvin is a Cold Snapdragon looking for his cousin, Bloom, whom he'd lost after failing to look after her. Eventually, he found three other plants all looking for some sort of thing too (except Pea, who mysteriously is helping them for no apparent reason). When Zomboss became a bigger threat due to the portals going out of control, Kelvin is now desperately doing anything he can to find his cousin, Bloom, before the portals make it too late. His psychological aspect is slowly declining because he blames himself for her getting lost. To make matters worse, he was partially responsible for the death of his best friend, Escrape.

Currently, he is looking for his cousin. He is part of the group T3PK; in fact, he's the leader.


Kelvin, Escrape, and NN have all met before in an orphanage, and the three escaped the orphanage together because the orphanage was brutal. Although, they all went their separate ways because they all got into a fight with some other gangster group. They were forced to flee... and they all fled in different directions running for their lives. Kelvin meets them again (before Escrape turns into a gangster leader and NN into president) when he goes back in time to find his cousin, Bloom.


He is extremely loyal to his friends, and, unfortunately, always trying to be kind to everyone. This usually leads to his ultimate downfall. Kelvin usually acts as a leader and tries to calm his friends/allies. His optimism is usually turned to during times of sadness and no hope.

In season 2a, his argument with Pea starts to test his morals on whether he should trust everyone upon introduction. However, he manages to keep this moral, although barely, and becomes close friends with Piff (Dragon).

Abilities, Skills, Items

  • Encouragement- Serving as a moral compass, he acts as a secondary encouragement beacon. Kelvin is so optimistic that he increases his team's morale.
  • Leadership- Kelvin is a born leader; he can lead any group he has good chemistry with, and most people like him leading.
  • Freezing- If angered (which is very rarely), he can blast ice at whomever angered him. The freezing doesn't last long, but it's effective.
  • Soothing- Similar to being encouraging, he can soothe people and make them 'chill' due to his kind tone.


  • Book of Magic- This was given to him from Zeus, as Zeus had believed that Kelvin could learn magic easily just by reading about it. He'd gotten it in Mass Attack, but it was lost in Stare into the Dragon Soul. Luckily, though, he'd learned some of the book's spells.

In a Locked Room series

Season 1B:

Ep. 30- Makes a cameo appearance on the season finale.

Ep. 31- Following up the events from the season 1 finale, he, along with NN and Pea, enter a room marked 'parallel'. Unfortunately for them, they didn't know what it did, and accidentally re-unleashed all villains to the present-day world. Several PEKKAs also attack the Mayor's City Hall/base, so most characters don't trust T3PK (especially the mayor). After setting up camp to rest for one day, Kelvin forms a rushed bond with a few members of the LR gang, who claim that they trust him. Although, this bond is seemingly broken after Clem's attack and kidnap of Pea. They outsmart Clem, and rest for another night, but are forced to stay with the LR gang longer due to NN's disappearance.

Season 2A:

Ep. 1- Kelvin and Pea proceed to look for NN, and to do so are forced to travel with the LR gang. Kelvin and Pea's views start to clash as Pea believes they'd taken NN (or Clem took her), but Kelvin believes they can help them look for her. Pea and Kelvin follow the LR gang, but Pea starts to despise Kelvin's ways of helping, as Kelvin had helped the LR gang on riddles and capturing a spirit. On the final floor, though, Pea prevents Kelvin from helping them fight, saying it's "not our problem".

Ep. 2- Kelvin and Pea's clashing views only begin to worsen as they bicker over the Puzzleman fight. Kelvin eventually convinces Pea to help, though. At the palace, after the fight, Kelvin and Pea stay behind to inspect the palace due to Pea's suspicions.

Ep. 3- Arriving late, Pea and Kelvin hastily retreat into an elevator. Although, Pea suddenly falls to the floor and has a seizure for an unknown reason. Kelvin tries to help Pea, but doesn't know how. Barry, who'd entered the elevator later, then plays music, which doesn't hypnotize Kelvin, but does hypnotize Pea. Pea then proceeds to try to kill Kelvin, but the LR gang manages to stop him and break the spell. Kelvin then tells Pea that it wasn't his fault, but Pea believes that it was and that he was failing his mission. Once down, Jelo simply tells Pea that he owes the group, but Pea overreacts and starts to rant. Pea then accuses Kelvin of forgetting about Escrape because he was siding with the LR gang rather than him. Kelvin is furious at this comment, and tells Pea to back off. Pea stomps away, angrily, claiming that Kelvin owed him an apology. Eventually, though, Kelvin tries to find Pea, but only finds a note saying that Kelvin had been right. The note, signed by Pea, stated that he was leaving due to feeling guilty about being unable to protect the group.

Ep. 4- Kelvin, still trying to process what had just happened with Pea's departure, stands in shock as the gang is attack by giants. He eventually decides to leave, and opens the door to the previous room, but no one notices. In Part 2, Kelvin finally makes it to Puzzle Universe, but falls to the floor and cries as he recounts all his memories with his friends, T3PK.

Ep. 7- Kelvin is introduced to a new community and two supply runners. They explain as much as they can about some creatures threatening them called Shriek Freaks. With their food supply dwindling, most people are glum, like Gabryl (a guard who'd saved the two supply runners and Kelvin). The two supply runners introduce themselves as Craig Mercier and Lowell Morales. Craig then decides to introduce Kelvin to their leader, Zeus Ree.

Ep. 8- Upon having Kelvin meet Zeus, Craig leaves to talk to Gabryl about an upcoming supply run. Kelvin learns more about the society, which claims they are the center of all magic in the multiverse. Zeus also tells him about the Locked Rooms' potential and what the challenges' purposes really were. Kelvin learns that his friends are in danger, but Zeus tells him that it will be difficult to defeat Ripto. Speaking of which, Kelvin meets Zeus's aiding dragon, Piff, who speaks in a sort of slang language. Although, Zeus tries to get him to act more formal to turn him into a role model for other dragons who are running around, terrorizing people. Piff claims that they're 'bros', and offers Kelvin a small metal ball used once to grant any wish. The two walk to Zeus to try to find out where Pea and NN are by asking him, but run into a priest. Piff introduces him as Fr. Tristan Valdez, Zeus's main advisor. Ironically, though, it's later revealed that he's hoarding up most of the food due to the fear of starving to death, but nobody knows this. Later, Zeus allows Kelvin to ask one question because answering more than one would cause the asker to learn their fate and control it. Kelvin ultimately merges two of his questions into one, asking both where his friends and the LR gang are at. Zeus answers both, but with good news and bad news. Zeus tells him the good news first (where Pea and the LR gang are at). Kelvin asks where NN is at, but realizes that was the bad news. Zeus tells him that NN couldn't be found and may be cloaked with a technological, futuristic device. Kelvin decides to wait for Pea so the two can find NN, but Zeus halts him. He tells Kelvin to leave and find someone to help the Sanctum against an approaching Shriek Freak horde and to help his friends (who were in danger because of entering a dangerous dragon realm). Zeus explains that the fall of the Sanctum would cause the multiverse to crumble due to it relying on magic. Kelvin agrees to leave, and Piff volunteers to go with him. Zeus hands Kelvin a book, believing that he'd learn magic by himself overnight. The next day, Kelvin and Piff make their way to the front gates where Zeus was waiting. Kelvin meets a mother, Jacqui, and her son, Trent, who'd come to wish them luck. Kelvin learns that Trent (and other kids) were required to help defend the wall in order to keep the Sanctum's walls from falling to Shriek Freaks. Kelvin and Piff decide to hurry and do their quest quickly for the sake of the Sanctum. Zeus teleports Kelvin to his friends despite Kelvin's unknowingness about magic.

Ep. 10- TBA

Ep. 11- Appeared in a flashback.


Special Episode: Quadmageddon- This whole episode is a flashback for Kelvin. He is first seen sipping water, but then is immediately distressed when he sees his aunt pull up onto his driveway. She drops off Bloom and asks Kelvin to look after him, to which he agrees. He asks why, and his aunt informs him that his uncle was dying, and that she didn't want Bloom to see. Bloom questions what had happened, but Kelvin lies to her and says that her dad only wanted to sleep for a very long time because he was tired. Kelvin has Bloom play with a tub of toys outside, but then sees his neighbor's house flicker, which he thinks nothing of at first. Eventually, things get worse, which results to Bloom being sucked into a time portal. Kelvin himself gets sucked into one as well. Although with the universe getting reborn, Kelvin's memory isn't altered, and Bloom's disappearance is still part of the timeline due to him being in the quantum matter realm. The episode ends with Kelvin promising to himself to find her, saying that he'd lost enough people that day and that he was responsible for her disappearance. He proceeds to enter a portal into his past, where his story begins with meeting Escrape (again).


  • Although he is a Cold-Snapdragon, in the series, he isn't considered a dragon, but instead as a plant.
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