Karen is a character in In a Locked Room. She is an antagonist, working for the Galactic Army. Unlike most of the other members however, she rarely fights. She instead gives advice to the other members, since she is very intelligent. She made her debut in Substitute Nightmare, and she will debut in the main series at a future date.


Karen has a evil, yet caring personality. She always wants the best in her allies, especially Galaximus, and will help her friends in anyway she can. She is also very smart, being a computer. She excels at science, calculations, and scheming, in particular.



Karen is good friends with Galaximus, often helping her devise plans to defeat the Gang. She does think Galaximus is a tad dumb at times, though she never tells her that.


She is an enemy to Karen due to her alliance with the Gang and her history with Galaximus. While she does not hate Jenny on her own terms, Karen nonetheless considers her a threat.


Karen and Patrick know each other due to them both living in Bikini Bottom. Karen sees Patrick as nothing more than an idiot, and thus, never worries about him posing a danger.


In secret, these two get along very well and share a deep friendship, due to them both loving science, and because Karen is a computer while Nebula has a robot suit.

The rest of the Gang

Due to them being a danger to the Galactic Army, Karen sees the Gang as a threat, more so than anyone else. She seems to know at least a little about all their members, and uses that info to help the others beat them.

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