Jaidenstyle is a story series based on the In a Locked Room series of roleplays.

Taking place in the present, after the gang retired from the Locked Room Challenge, the series takes place in Arizona and focuses on the daily lives of Jaiden and her friends, going on many adventures. The series is created by JeloJellyJam, CITRONtanker and Redfork2000.


Currently, only 1 episode (which is currently under construction) was released.

No. Title Written by Release date
1 "Jaidenbot Attack" JeloJellyJam May 8, 2017

Jaiden is usually a busy gal, however this time, she'll be buried in a lot of work. She has to make videos, clean up the house, do chores, and many more! Since she can't handle all that, Jaiden decides to make a mechanical replica of herself called the Auto-Jaiden, in order to handle all the work, while she does whatever she likes, like animating, drawing art, and many more. But, when Jaiden's robotic creation goes haywire and wrecks havoc over Arizona, Jaiden and her friends must stop Auto-Jaiden before it goes on a robo-rampage!

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