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Did You Know?
  • ...that Red Spoon having purple hair was actually a mistake? He was intended to have blue hair like Red Fork does, but the designer accidentally made his hair purple. However, since the audience actually liked Red Spoon having purple hair, the color was conserved.
  • ...that Vortigon is left-handed?
  • ...that Galaximus has several counterparts in different time periods, but there's one of them (Galaximural) isn't evil?
  • ...that during the first half of Season 2, there was a fictional app called "Pearlfights" where characters had SU pearls and used them to battle each other? While the fictional app is no longer mentioned as often as it used to, Blue Ocean and Jaiden still bring it up a couple of times in modern IaLR.
  • ...that both Red Fork and Burning Fury are each the protagonists of their own separate series that were published in another wiki? (Red Fork X for Red Fork, and Digression for Burning Fury. Both were originally published in spanish).
  • ...that Ace's Dojo currently has three known people that work there? Ace, Night Cap and Sakura.
  • ...that Mr. Simon, the man who pretended to be Blast's father in Father Knows Best is currently held prisoner inside Ace's Dojo?
  • ...that three of Ace's students, Quick Pea, Color Brush and Orange respectively, often play a game where they try to take control of the hill, referencing a fun & games thread from the PVZ Wiki called My Hill?
  • ...that some of Quick Pea, Orange and Color Brush's lines when they play this are a reference to the lines PeaVZ108, CITRONtanker and Redfork2000 used when playing My hill?
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