This is a compilation of the local staff members.


Chilly Bean BAM!
Founder since November 23, 2016.
Timezone: Unknown
The one in charge of the series. He revived the series and took over it after Rare Dandidoo. Chilly joined the series in the Roblox room. Owns Richard, Torchy, Kernely, Pealy, Jay, Blovy, BFDI contestants and a lot of characters.
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Administrator since December 16, 2016.
Timezone: (UTC+8:00) Manila, Philippines
A roleplayer who contributes a lot in the series. He joined in the hot room as Jelo, but later controlled a lot of characters. He left in the Trials of Gnomus room, focusing on The PvZ Institute, seeing the series was dead, but not until he rejoined in the same room. He controls Jelo, Star, Marco, the BFDI contestants, Clover, the Extra Credits team (Dan, James, LeeLee and Scott), the Crystal Gems (Steven, Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl and Peridot), Hunter and Penny, Milo, Melissa, Zack and will also control more characters in the second season.
Active/Studying/At school ​


Administrator since December 16, 2016.
Timezone: (UTC+10:00) Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney
A good roleplayer that always makes sure he follows the rules and has fun at the same time. He first joined in the Tranformers Locked Room before, with Papyrus(however, those events are uncanon now, and Papyrus has appeared again) along with his characters from the PvZ Institute temporaily(Chomper and Snapdragon). He rejoined later in the Portal 2 Locked Room, with Red Guy. He then added Duck shortly after, and then in the Room of Splatoon(late), he introduced Tom the Toxic Pea. Then, in The Room of Parappa the Rapper(midway), he introduced Mewtwo, and, in the Room of Portal 3, he introduced Flowey at the end, and then finally in The Room of Undertale, he introduced almost all Undertale characters, and only kept three; Sans the Skeleton, Papyrus, and Flowey the Flower.(However, he is currently dead.) Also, Sans the Skeleton can teleport other Undertale characters temporaily to the Locked Room whenever he wants. He will control more characters in the next season. He will also control ☟☜☹☹⚐📬, P.E.K.K.A, Mini Pekka and ....
Active/Studying/At school ​
Administrator since December 16, 2016.
Timezone: Unknown
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On vacation ​
Administrator since May 2018.
Timezone: Atlantic Time
Lord Galaximus CITRONtanker has been a top contributor to the wiki for over a year now. He role plays a vast of characters that includes Jenny, Nebula, Edgellie, the Loud Family, Spongebob, Patrick, and of course, a certain gigantic Inkling goddess. He is a very nice, caring, and understanding individual, and makes an effort to be everyone’s pal. When he is not RPing, he can often be found fueling his love for Splatoon, Pokemon, Mario, Kirby, and many other games on his trusty Switch. He also loves watching cartoons like Spongebob, The Loud House, My Life as a Teenage Robot, Rocko's Modern Life, etc, as well as showing off his creative- artistic side. In short, he is a guy you really want to "Booyah!" for. Just keep on eye on him. Who knows what sinister plans he is scheming....
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Content moderators

Moon Snail
Content Moderator since December 9, 2017.
Timezone: (UTC: -5:00) Eastern Central Time
Despite being the worst roleplayer, Moon Snail somehow managed to weasel his way into becoming a Content Moderator on the wiki. He first joined in The Room of My Singing Monsters, and has been one of the more active members of the series. He's most notably a fan of the Sonic and Pokémon serieses(?), so a large amount of his characters come from those two. As of July 27th,2017, he is currently working on an IaLR-based RPG game, which runs under the RPG Maker VX Ace engine. It has no confirmed release date, but he plans on hopefully finishing it in 2019.
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Content Moderator since February 27, 2017.
Timezone: (UTC: 8:00)
A veteran roleplayer who currently focuses on the Splatoon, Ace Attorney and Animal Jam games more and who started in the very first room of the recent reboot, leaves for a while (yet coming back for a bit midway through this), and then comes back fully by The Room of Portal 2 with Voltaire as her refreshed first character for Inside the Rooms. She has an almost completely different cast between the Inside (Main characters in this consist of Voltaire, Klitz, Rosalina and Yoshi) and Outside (Main characters in this consist of Moon (Pokemon Trainer), Karaleaf, Sherry and Rabbid Yoshi) the Rooms episodes and stories, with her only character confirmed to appear in both being Neptunica. She is also the only female staff member so far.
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Content Moderator since October 25, 2018.

Timezone: UTC +1

A veteran roleplayer who consistently juggles real life happenings, Bolt is one of the first few roleplayers in the series to date - but had only rejoined the series as of 2017's Isolation Point. Bolt tries to maintain a tight cast - trying to keep his cast as varied as he can, while trying to introduce other people to the fictional worlds he has interests in and strong ties to. He may be hard to see due to his elusive nature, but he's been roleplaying on the internet since 2014, and has plenty of reasons to stick around. His cast includes Neptune, Beta and Hat Kid, as three major examples.


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Who to contact?

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  3. Partially active = Medium level of activity.
  4. Active on chat - May not be around on the main wiki, but can be found on chat from a regular to a semi-regular basis.
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