In a Locked Room Wiki

The In a Locked Room Wiki has a set of rules and policies that you must follow if you want to stay here. Should you not comply with most of these rules, you'll be sent a warning. Keep doing it and you'll be faced with either a block or a ban, according to severity.

Main Policies

  • Major swears are not allowed anywhere; on Discussions, on chat, on other people's talk pages and so on. You are allowed to say minor swears (e.g. crap) uncensored, however.
    • You can, to a lesser extent, also say major swears if they are censored; although it's not recommended to do so.
    • Saying "go to hell" to another user will not be tolerated, yet using "hell" in a different meaning that is not rude to/insulting another user is okay.
  • No spamming. This is considered rude and oftentimes annoying.
  • No vandalizing.
  • No bullying, discrimination, nor posting of offensive content (i.e. drugs, racism, etc.). Please treat everyone (including your fellow users) with respect.
  • No inappropriate content. This wiki is a PG to PG-13 wiki.
  • It is absolutely okay to edit other people's pages, unless they state otherwise.

Story/RP-related Rules

  • You are not allowed to use anybody else's characters in stories, RPs, and the like. Exceptions are if you have asked permission from the original roleplayer to co-own/co-roleplay the character, or if the character is free-use (meaning everyone can use the character).
    • There is no offense for using other people's characters without permission, but it is still not recommended to do so. It can disrupt the original owner's plots, plans, and other things.
  • Refrain from making Mary Sues. Mary Sues are characters that are unrealistically perfect and flawless, usually with little to no weakness. These usually end up as boring, and tend to be frowned upon by people.
    • Once again, there is no offense for using Mary Sues, but it is still not recommended.