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The current episode of IaLR is Operation Ozone!

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Did You Know?
  • The series Heroes of Echo Creek is the largest story-based series on this wiki, having a total of over 80 episodes (5 seasons) as of April 2020?
  • Gerald Edmarkson used to be named Jelo Elducal, the old username of JeloJellyJam?
  • Redfork2000's cast currently has over 180 different characters? (Click here to see the list!)
  • Green Shadow's weakness is gelatin?
  • Flossom and her sisters aren't actually dumb characters, as confirmed in Region for the Sky?
    • Despite this, Redfork2000 still considers her the best dumb character.
  • Miss Bloomina's full name is Bloomina Rosette Magica Petallina Flower?
  • Many of the superpowered teens in Redfork2000's cast are inspired by Mega Man robot masters?
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