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Recent Episode

The gang is currently in Part 2 of Pirates of Solitaire!

  • Merry Christmas! (Or Christmas Eve for some)
  • While the RP forum branch on PvZW is gone, the RPs live on in the external forums. Visit it here.
  • In a Locked Room is on hiatus until January 2018 so that people can join and adjust to the external forum.
  • Moon Snail will be getting a new computer on January 3rd, so the development for In a Locked Room RPG: The Wrath of Galaximus will continue at that time.
  • Be prepared. With Neut Neutrality going away for sure soon, the RP will never be the same. Be ready for inactivity and slowness of the RPs.
  • New look for the main page coming soon!
Did you know...
  • ...that after about an entire year on hiatus, IaLR was revived thanks to the project "IaLR Renaissance", leaded by Redfork2000?
    • The episode that began the IaLR Renaissance was Time Turmoil.
  • ...that the series Heroes of Echo Creek is the largest story-based series on this wiki, having a total of 60 episodes (3 seasons) as of the end of November 2018?
  • ...that there's an upcoming IaLR videogame called Battle for the Multiverse, with Galaximus going to be the main character?
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