In a Locked Room RPG: The Wrath of Galaximus (Acronym is IALRPG:TWoG) was a planned official Role Playing Game based on the In a Locked Room series designed by Moon Snail, using the RPG Maker VX Ace engine. On January 3rd, 2020, TWOG was scrapped, and the creator instead decided to make In a Locked Room RPG: Crystal Quest.


Galaximus plans on taking over the world with The Tide, so Gerald Edmarkson, Jenny, Papyrus and ROCKFLAME run to defeat her.

Very little of the plot was actually planned before the game was scrapped.


Playable Characters

Known NPCs

Known Villains

Known Supporting Characters

  • Unnamed Wizard


  • The game was considered to be a "special" in the IaLR continuity, and would take place pretty late into the IaLR timeline.
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