POISONTHORN/INVISIBLAZE is a Humanimal Communications Officer with 5h3ll5h0ck. She is the former Humanimal of nature, now the Humanimal of invisibility, and is not in any Humanimal subgroup.

In the Locked Rooms

Her first appearance was in Mass Attack and was referred as POISONTHORN, she didn't do a lot though.

In Isolation Point, her real name was revealed.

In Stare into the Dragon Soul, she was hypnotized and attacked everyone, and then got defeated by ROCKFLAME, then she was unable to fight back against the Humanimals, as A.K edited her code to disable her movement.


Extremely friendly, but underneath that, she can be a fierce fighter. Likes to make and keep deals.


  • Nature Core: Her old Weapon Core, she stopped using it after becoming the Humanimal of invisibility.
  • Antiphase Core: Her newer Weapon Core, takes the form of the Infernal Axe.
  • Invisicycle: Her main vehicle.
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