Hunt Dahl, like most other people from the future, has an unknown goal. He joins the group after explaining how he'd found them and known about them, but mostly because they were fighting for a common goal- to get to the end of the rooms (he was tracking a signal). He'd been spying on them after meeting Kelvin and Pea in Crystal Ski Caverns and wiping their memories of that moment.


Trying to bond with the others, he reveals that he'd come from the future and was a humanoid. He explains that humanoids are almost the exact same species as humans, but are just more athletic and/or more intelligent.


Almost never down, Hunt is usually joking in bad situations to lighten everyone's moods. He is incredibly easy-going in most stressful situations, and is able to calm the others down. He can be described as a social person, sometimes even approaching other people or blurting to random people just to socialize with them. Also, he's incredibly sentimental, loyal, and caring and will do almost anything to protect close ones. As a side note, he usually tries to bond with anyone on his team so he can learn to trust them. Unfortunately, his sentimental side can sometimes kick in too much, as he'd been angry at Necrodeus for destroying his Troctoyl (his futuristic gun capable of morphing into grappling hooks, guns, and rocket launchers) and gone into a bot-killing rage.

Even if he doesn't know people, if they were on his side, he'd usually try to bond with them. For example, he'd managed to start the process of cracking Sacul back into Lucas by knowing what he loved deep inside. Hunt had even given his own prized blade, showing that he cared about teammates and believed none should be left behind.

Abilities, Skills, Items

  • Martial Arts- Hunt, when unarmed, is capable of defending himself with just his hands. Although not a master, he can use a dagger and/or just fist-fight if forced to (or as a last resort). Although, he only does so when necessary as he claims it's a 'waste of breath'.
  • Weaponry- Hunt can identify and use almost any kind of weapon. Also, because he's so crafty, he can use his surroundings to make a weapon, which is why he doesn't usually use martial arts to fight if he can make his own weapons. Before the rooms, he'd preferred using his Troctoyl (or other guns), but upon its destruction, he got used to using blades. Hunt now prefers to use blades.
  • Teaching/Socializing- Because he's so easy-going and easy to talk to, he can get along with almost anyone. His joking mood makes it even better, and it's easy for him to teach due to his lessons being 'fun'.
  • Hunting/Tracking- Hunt's experience alone makes him capable of both working alone and with a team. Although, his time alone helped develop his hunting and tracking skills. He can find people, or animals, by following certain clues they'd left behind. Also, his special futuristic radar helps him identify where technological things are (robots, machines, devices, etc.).
  • Flaming Blade- In Mass Attack, ROCKFLAME gives him this blade to fight due to his lack of weapons. It can be treated as a normal sword, but it has the added ability of being able to turn the metal blade part of the sword into pure fire. This ability has come in handy multiple times, but is sometimes rendered useless when fighting someone hypnotized as it is much more dangerous and it may risk hurting the person. The ability also allows the sword to act as a torch.
  • Radar- The only use of this radar is to track down any technological objects (such as robots, machines, devices, etc.). Although simple, its proven itself to be a useful tool as it helped Hunt track down the group whenever he got lost or separated.
  • Dart Gun- A simple dart launcher he'd acquired from 574lk3r.
  • Freezing Icicle- He'd given one to Jelo; he'd originally had two. These icicles were found in Crystal Ski Caverns, and can be used to freeze anyone or anything it's cracked on. For example, throwing it at a pig would make it break and freeze the pig. If it doesn't break, the object doesn't freeze.


  • Troctyl- This was a gun Hunt had possessed before it was destroyed by Necrodeus in Mass Attack. It could morph into a grappling hook, gun, or rocket launcher.

In a Locked Room series

Season 2A:

Ep. 8- Hunt Dahl is introduced. He introduces himself to the gang and tells them that he'd been following/spying them for the past few rooms. The gang initially distrusts him, but after giving them tips, they allow him to explain. In Crystal Ski Caverns, Kelvin and Pea had met him, and Hunt was interested in Pea's technological devices that allowed him to infer that Pea was from the future as well. Hunt had erased their memory of that time and followed them. He lost their tracks, but found the main group and started paying close attention to them, writing everything in his common-place journal. Hunt also gives Jelo two icicles from Crystal Ski Caverns that could freeze anyone it hit and broke on. During the fight against Necrodeus, he greatly assists them. Unfortunately, Necrodeus destroys his Troctoyl, and because he was sentimental, he goes on a killing spree rage, destroying any Skullies in his path. This distraction allowed the gang to finish Necrodeus off and go back to normal. He officially joins them as they were both working towards the same goal- to get to the end of the rooms. Hunt was looking for a very powerful technological source on his radar.

Ep. 9- Like most of the gang members, he gets split up. He doesn't find them until later in the fight against the Floro gang. He saves the group from an incoming Spike ball, slicing it in half with his blade that he'd just recently gotten used to using. He engages into a one-on-one against Sacul the Dark Archer, but refuses to kill him or hurt him. He tries to crack him back into Lucas by telling him about things he used to care about as Lucas. As a final peace offer, he hands Sacul his one and only blade and steps back in surrender. Sacul starts to crack, but only for a moment. He prepares to shoot Hunt, but Barbarian King (who'd gotten unhypnotized) managed to finish the process. Sacul turns back into Lucas. Hunt also realizes that the Floro seeds were regrowing due to someone snapping. ROCKFLAME gives him a Flaming Blade, which he uses to make Monkey Mauler concede and turn back into Super Monkey. Later, though, he gets separated from the gang again, and is blasted far away. He manages to stop by using his regular blade as a brake, but it shatters into pieces. He starts limping back to the gang.

Ep. 10- TBA
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