"As you raced through time, the whole world went to HECK!"

HIM is a character who first appeared in Stare into the Dragon Soul. He is well known for fighting the Powerpuff Girls and terrorizing Townsvile for many years.. He is controlled by CITRONtanker.


HIM first appeared in the middle of the fight with Umlaut, and he immediately goes after him and Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. Since, he has been working with the other characters, but no one is sure of his true ambitions. When he meets Galaximus, the two argue over who the better villain is. He wants to learn from her, but Galaximus is reluctant.

In The Dream Dimension, he is working for Galaximus to prove his prowess as a villain. He pesters the gang and informs them that in the Dream Dimension, anything can happen.

He fights the gang in that same episode, and when he fails, he begs Galaximus for forgiveness. She reluctantly gives HIM a second chance.

He makes a return in A Game's Revenge, after a lengthy absence. He is one of the commanders of the Galactic Army.


  • He is the first character that CITRONtanker used.
  • So far, he is the only non-Splatoon related character CITRONtanker uses.
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