Gumbewl Wattewrsewn is a character introduced in Face The Music. He is an excellent singer, as told by Marcy.


He was born as Gumball rip-off. He was interested in singing by a vampire singing (Marcy) in a concert when he is 2.

Personality and Appearance

He has the exact clothes like the original Gumball wear, except he was drawn badly by Paint. He really loves to sing, and competitive. He may not really villanious, but he is if you let him sing too long.


  • Skateboard (Just in case)
  • Microphone and Speaker (For some instant concert with him)


  • High Note: He can sing in high note, like in Never Let You Go song.
  • Supersonic: He can ran as fast as sonic. However, its really rare to do it.
  • Anti Hypno: He can't be hypnotized, as shown in Face The Music.



If both of them combined, you will get crazy. They will compete each other to be the best singer ever. He is also inspired to sing by her when she is singing in her concert when he was 2.


He just felt Angris a rip off, while both of them do. They can't really interact each other, just like cats and dogs.

His rip-off Family

He cared to his family, especially his bro, Darween.


"Its not real meat anyway cuz I'm free!!!"
— Gumbewl, in Face The Music


  • Gumbewl isn't like the other rip offs, that is dumb and came due to 4th Wall break.
  • Gumbewl's impression to sing is based on Gumball's marvelous singing in The Uncle.
  • Gumbewl loves Mario, but hates Sonic.
  • Gumbewl actually not Gumball's first rip off, however.
    • Gumbewl mostly based on another rip off of Gumball, Gambol.
    • So technically Gumbewl is a rip off of a rip off.
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