"You dare fire at me, do you? Very well! My turn... Behold - you've seen the power of destruction, now witness what creations can do!"
— The Creator[source]

"Then you and me will get along just fine! Why? I AM destruction incarnate!!"
— The Destroyer[source]

The Creator and The Destroyer are the main villains of Epic Battle Fantasy 4. Cat deities of creation and destruction incarnate, they both are united as the sole 'rulers' of one dimension to do what they do best, mainly splitting their job. They are both controlled by BoltBlizard.


  • Even though they are Bolt's 2nd and 3rd villains, they are the first major villains he has so far.
  • Even though The Creator is female in EBF4, Bolt thought he'd make a difference and change it for gender equality.
  • The Creator and Destroyer are separately known as those names, but when united, they are known as Godcat. The reason for this is probably due to the overall god name.
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