This is a fake promo for the 13th episode of IaLR, Glass Onion.

The Locked Room Gang are back!

(Cut to the Licked Rom Gan messing around.) Wait a minute, those aren't the real gang! Where are they?

(Cut to the real gang, stuck in the Odriew dimension.)

Jelo: Ugh, this place stinks!

Oh, there they are. Embrace yourself for another adventure!

(Music plays)

Starlow: Guys, we need to get out of here!

Luigi: (worried) Exactly how? We can't even make a portal from breaking the 4th wall!

(Music stops)

Starlow: Uhhh, I dunno!

(Music plays again) This time with more! More! MORE!

(..stops again.)

Starlow: (angry, irritated) Alright, can you stop it?!

More weirdness!

Jelo: Hey, look! Jumping bagels!

Gerry: Are you out of your mi-

(A bagel jumps over Gerry.)

Mario: You stand corrected.

Daisy: (rolling on the floor laughing) JUMPING BAGELS!

Jelo: Nothing was funny about that.

More oddities!

Peach: A fun fact, there's reverse gravity on some spots in this place.

Peeter: (starting to float up) Uh, guys? Can anyone bring me down? A little help here?

Jelo: We're comin'!

More Weegee!

(Luigi dances, with The Bagel Song playing in the background. The gang is confused.)

More Dreamstar! Or Starbert, whatever you like to call it.

Dreambert: And here we are, stuck in a dimension of weird stuff.

Starlow: Uh, Dreambert, I wanna tell you something.

Dreambert: What is it?

Starlow: You're pretty, well...uhhhh.....cute...

Dreambert: Oh, stop it, you're making me blush-

Jelo: Guys, no time for lovey-dovey stuff!

Starlow and Dreambert: Oh, right....uhh.....okay.

And finally, more Dumb!

(Scenes of the Licked Rom Gan wrecking havoc)

Can the gang return to the real world and stop the Dumb Characters?

Jelo: Come on, guys, let's gooo!!!!!!!

It's a brand new In a Locked Room!

Saturdays at 10:30 AM, part of Saturday Suprise, only on Kazzap.

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