Gerry Wyslerman is a character in In a Locked Room and the upcoming The Locked Lab: An IaLR Story. He is roleplayed by JeloJellyJam.


Pre-Locked Rooms

Gerry was born on August 9, 1995. When he was 8, he wanted to be an inventor and scientist. He met Jelo, Peter, Tara and Rosewell when he was at elementary school. He then joined in the same high school as Jelo, but unfortunately went to different college. In this college, he met Benji Lloyd and Abbie MacKenzie. One day, Gerry invited Benji, Abbie, Jelo, Rosewell and Peeter for a sleepover, and introduced his new friends to his old ones. After graduating, he then moved to a house of his own when he was 18. He was surprised to see Jelo, Peeter, Rosewell and Tara as his neighbors.

When he was 20, he heard of the Locked Room Challenge while he was camping. When Jelo went near the entrance of the Locked Rooms, a Wizard Zombie jumped out of nowhere and started shooting spells at the campers. Gerry hid, but got sucked in, along with Peeter and Rosewell. He found himself in the Super Mario Galaxy room, but he got captured and taken to Ghostly Galaxy, until he was rescued by his friend Jelo. He then tagged along with Jelo on his adventures in the rooms. He also joined again in Season 2.

Post-Locked Rooms

On May 28, 2017, 9 months after the gang retired from the Locked Room Challenge, Gerry decided to go to Gigaloc Labs with his former college classmates, Benji and Abbie. However, during a tour, the lab's power shut down, and the 3, along with other people, were locked in. Luckily, Gerry, including the others, were rescued.


Gerry is a bit shorter than Jelo. He has black hair and a fringe-up hairstyle. He wears a white polo, brown square-ish glasses, black pants and blue sneakers.


Gerry is friendly, smart, confident, and likes to learn interesting stuff. He sticks with his best friends Jelo, Peeter and Rosewell as possible and helps them out. He is helpful, and knows how to solve almost any problem. Gerry is also known to be good in combat.


  • Jelo, Gerry, Peter and Rosewell are JeloJellyJam's main fanon characters.

Character Info

  • He always does his inventing in his garage.
  • He, Peter, Rosewell, Peach and the Diazes are Jelo's neighbors.
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