"Gash is the large orange shark swimming around here. He's pretty much the ruler of the ocean, because nobody wants to fight him..."
— Mermuke

Gash is a vicious orange shark that roams the ocean in Part 9 of Time Trouble.


Before the episode took place, he appeared and caused terror around the ocean. Since nobody could fight back, he ended up ruling the ocean. Someone made a sanctuary solely to help people stay safe from Gash's wrath.

When the episode started, Lucas dived into the water and got chased down by Gash. When Lucas tried to fight back, he was overpowered. His aquatic ancestor Mermuke barely managed to save him, but he was in pain because of Gash's damage. Eventually, the members of the sanctuary fought him, and Lucas eventually killed him.

Abilities and weapons

  • Hard Skin: His skin is impenetrable. But his gills are damagable.


  • Gash comes from the Popcap game Insaniquarium Deluxe.
  • Gash, along with Lucas' Cute Fishron, are Moon Snail's only non-Pokémon characters incapable of speaking.
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