"And just a few more codes into the microchip! And it's done, the OPhone Xtraordinary is complete! I'm sure I can win this again the 16th time!"
— Gary Garnet while inventing the OPhone Xtraordinary

Gary Garnet is a main character originating from Quest of the Legendary Rainbow Gem. He is an inventor and the C.E.O. of Orange Inc, a company famous for its advanced technology. He is roleplayed by PeaVZ108.


Gary Garnet has a hexagon-shaped body and wears a pair of yellow goggles with glass lenses with antennas attached to it, a laboratory coat with golden buttons and a pocket containing test tubes of various colored substances, a pair of jeans and yellow chemical-resistant rubber boots.


In "Garnet Gauntlet", Gary Garnet is first seen working on his invention, the OPhone Xtraordinary. However, because the door to his office is small enough that only gemstones can enter, Red Ruby enters Gary Garnet's office alone. Shortly after a brief but heated argument among the two, Gary Garnet gets captured by Dr. Erwin Kahl who plans to use him as a weapon to launch a full-out offensive on Inventorville. Gary Garnet decides to join the gang after he is rescued.

In "Emerald Emergency", Gary Garnet makes a theory that Cagney Carnation is up to no good, by saying that one species may only reproduce another plant of the same species. When Cagney Carnation reveals his true nature later in the story, the gang realise that Gary Garnet is right.

In "Sapphire Shortcoming", Red Ruby admits that he thinks of Gary Garnet as a genius. Gary Garnet thanks him, and later formulates a plan to rescue Starcade and Sean Sapphire, which ends in success.

In "Amethyst Atrocity", Gary Garnet discovers that the apple trees lack of ripe apples because of the lack of light in Amelia Amethyst's world.

In "Diamond Disaster", Diana Diamond reveals that he and the other gemstones used to live in Gemstonia.

Powers and Abilities

  • Supernatural Mind: While Gary Garnet does not have any fighting abilities on his own, his mind is his strongest tool in most situations.
    • Enhanced Intelligence: Gary Garnet has above average intelligence, capable of solving problems and generating ideas in the blink of an eye.
    • Enhanced Memory: Gary Garnet has the memory capacity of an elephant, perhaps even more. He can recall even seemingly insignificant events that no one else can.
    • Enhanced Knowledge: Mostly in the areas of science, but Gary Garnet is still pretty knowledgeable about a lot of things.


  • Electromagnetic-Powered Laser Cannon: Gary Garnet's main weapon of choice. It shoots lasers with a good accuracy, rate of fire and it can be handled pretty easily. It also comes with a secret surprise of its own:
    • Electromagnetic Pulse: Gary Garnet can launch an EMP wave against his enemies, temporarily disabling electronics and machines. However, this can prove to be ineffective against larger and more sophisticated machines.
  • OPhone Xtraordinary: Based on the iPhone X, but it comes with a twist. Besides having all of the customary features of a modern smartphone, it also has the ability to transform itself into a utility tool: e.g. hammers, drills, even autonomous vehicles.
  • Garnetronic Microchip: What appears to be a significant-looking microchip allows Gary Garnet to activate his very own mech suit (current version is Garnetronic 6000), which comes with rocket thrusters, laser blasters, suction boots and more.
  • Laboratory Chemicals: In his spare time, Gary Garnet tends to experiment with chemicals in his laboratory. He also carries several of them wherever he goes, which he can use in tricky situations or in battles. It comes with different effects each time, so anything can happen!
  • Spicken Spandroid: Currently destroyed, the Spandroid used to be Gary Garnet's proudest creation, intended to solve Echo Creek's main problem of needing constant rebuilding after being attacked over and over again. However, due to an exploit in its greatest vulnerability which ironically was its nearly invulnerable exterior, the Spandroid became a killing machine instead and thus had to be put down as a result.



Gary Garnet seems to have good communication skills with Kyoji, and together, they are able to formulate plans that always end up in success.

Starcade, Blue Ocean, Alice and other scientists

Gary Garnet is good friends with each of them, as they all have a common interest in science. They have been seen working together on inventions on occasion.

Red Ruby

Red Ruby and Gary Garnet are bitter rivals, though there is still some friendship between them on occasions. Especially after Red Ruby had changed for the better, Gary Garnet is starting to go slightly easier on him.

The Gemstones

Gary Garnet seems to respect the other gemstones, and does not wish to offend them, with the exception of Red Ruby.


Stats Gary Garnet.png

Gary Garnet boasts one of the highest intelligence stats across the entire meta, evidently shown through his many inventions. Despite his intelligence, his other stats are pretty average especially on his own without his inventions and as a result, he is not a dominant character in the meta. He usually relies on his intelligence stat in battle, as it does allow him to outsmart opponents that he doesn't stand a chance against without it.

In IaLR: Tier Lists - Meet the Gemstones, Gary Garnet is a D tier character. Despite having one of the highest intelligence stats, his average stats prevent him from potentially becoming a mid-tier character or even a top-tier one.



The Kalos Power Plant - Pokémon X & Y -OST-

Gary Garnet's Battle Theme


  • Gary Garnet is a reference to Gary the Gadget Guy from Club Penguin.
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