Galaxibust is the 30th and final episode of In a Locked Room. In this episode, Galaximus will get thrown out of the Galactic Army, leaded by Dr. Zomboss, who was trying to overthrow her the entire time and lose all of her powers. She will desperately turn the Gang for help.


The Galactic Army is tired of losing to the Gang! So they have kicked Galaximus to the curb! Having all of her power gone, she turns to the Gang, hoping they will help her. But Jenny is not so sure if she is sincere...


  • This episodes nanme a combination of Galaximus's name with bust.
  • Galaximus will be referred to as her birth name "Sheila" when she loses her power.
  • It was originaly a going to be a special in Season 3, but when Jelo Elducal removed some of the episodes of his, CITRONtanker bumped it ahead. This makes this his first episode, since it moved ahead of Big Sister Trouble.
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