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The Galactic Army refers to the forces of Galaximus. It is an evil alliance against the Locked Room Gang. It constantly interferes with the Gang's doing. It coordinates with the other villains to destroy the Gang. Galaximus is the leader, with Squidkiller, DJ Octavio, Commander Tartar, and Dark Jaiden serving as its main commanders.

The Galactic Army serves as the overarching main antagonistic force in the series.


The Galactic Army

Most of the members of the Galactic Army

Leader and Founder

  • Galaximus- The Galactic Army's big bad founder and leader- no, goddess.


  • Squidkiller- Galaximus's second-in-command, Squidkiller commands all of the other members of the Army, and is usually in charge of making sure the minion count never dips too low.
  • DJ Octavio- A commander of the Army, he is a machines expert, and also provides sick beats for the Army's members.
  • Commander Tartar- A commander, this AI is a mastermind, often planning out the Galactic Army's plots. Galaximus also uses it to contact others, although Tartar hates that.
  • Dark Jaiden- A commander.
  • Mr. Red - A commander, this human from an alternate-universe specializes in technology and robotics.
  • Maria - A commander, this cyborg commands the Galactic Army. She also hates Inklings, seeing them as inferior.
  • Dr. Creep - A commander, this human/creeper hybrid specializes in potions and genetics. He is also in love with Galaximus, which causes some of the commanders, especially Mr. Red, weirded out by him.
  • Francisca, Flamberge, and Zan Partizanne - Team of commanders.

Former/Honorary Members

  • Rose- Was the top commander of the Galactic Army, before she was knocked unconscious and wound up in the Deepsea Metro. She has since reformed.
  • Lori Loud- In the story The Big Sister Switcheroo, Lori switches roles with Galaximus, technically making her a member of the Army, specifically, the temporary leader.
  • Dr. Zomboss - Was formerly a commander specializing in robotics and genetics, up until Galaxibust, where he reveals that he has been planning to overthrow Galaximus for a long time, as part of his plans to achieve multiversal domination.
  • Lance - Former commander in the story Lance vs. the Galancetic Mages. He attempted to replace the mage sisters in attempt to get the Jamba Heart with the army, and successfully gets far into the campaign before being defeated by his rivals. Quickly "retired" after his failure, allowing the mage sisters to take back his role and get their revenge.


The Galactic Army has several minions that serve their lord, and they are usually meant to serve as a nuisance to the Gang.

Common minions of the army comprise of Octarians, but other members include Skeleton Goonies and Inklings that serve Galaximus. In addition, there are also several foes that are unique to the Armys ranks.

Elite Octocopters

Elite Octocopters behave just like a normal Octocopter, but instead of firing slow moving blobs of ink, they fire a barrage of ink streams, similar to a Twintacle Octotrooper. They look like normal Octocopters, but the have flames painted on their helmets.


These cyborg Octolings have arm canons that fire explosive shots, and they have rocket powered boots to jet around. Their robotic bodies also make them well armored.


Octocannons are automated defense turrets, that fire Ocomissiles at targets. They have a brief reload time, but their shots fly far.

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