"Come on. We've got seats and popcorn and everything."
— Future Sans

For Future Sans' present-time self, see Sans the Skeleton.

Future Sans is the future version of Sans who appeared in (and only appears in) The Room of Star Wars. Like Sans, most of the time he is very calm. He owns many high tech stuff. For example, a giant Gaster Blaster ship, that according to Future Sans, "has seats and popcorn and everything".


Future Sans has the same history as Sans, but in the future. Sans managed to escape the Locked Rooms, and then lived in the surface from the Undertale world. However, many years later while he was doing research on alternate universes, he learned that Necrola was traveling back in time to defeat the gang. Future Sans, worried that his past self, Papyrus and his other friends were in danger, traveled back in time with Future Papyrus to the Star Wars Locked Room. He became a Jedi temporarily.

Abilities and Weapons

Future Sans has still kept his old abilities. He also has some new ones:

  • Ultra Gaster Blaster: Though it was never seen, Future Sans developed a new kind of Gaster Blaster for his use, and he also gave some to Future Papyrus. It is far more powerful than a regular Gaster Blaster, and shoots a enormous rainbow beam out of it's mouth. It is black with red eyes.
  • Massive Gaster Blaster: An enormous Gaster Blaster that Future Sans owns and uses as his main mode of transport. It is extremely fast, and it has a bunch of seats, and a bunch of other stuff attached. It can also shoot giant beams from it's mouth. However, it has a cooldown.


  • Future Papyrus: Future Sans and Future Papyrus work great together. Future Sans sometimes lets Future Papyrus come with him on easy missions, but most of the time he goes solo as he is worried Future Papyrus will get killed on the mission.
  • Sans the Skeleton: Sans was one of the main reasons Future Sans came to help the gang(However Papyrus was the biggest reason he came, as Future Papyrus would not exist without Papyrus, and Future Sans really cares about both of them.) Future Sans respects him.
  • Papyrus: Papyrus was the biggest reason Future Sans came to help the gang. He almost cares about him as much Future Papyrus.


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