"Hey there, everything's going to be fine! You can trust me!"
— Frisk, in A Hive of Trouble

Frisk Dreemurr, their previous last name unknown, is a sweet Human child who was the eighth human to enter the Underground. They are controlled by SuperGaming101.


Frisk wears blue-and-fuchsia-stripped overalls with a black turtleneck and brown boots. They also have brown hair.


Frisk has the personality and behavior of a sweet, innocent little kid. Merciful, patient, and understanding, they are among the sweetest person one could ever meet.

Powers and Abilities

  • Soul of DETERMINATION: Frisk holds the SOUL of Determination, a trait that allows certain humans to persist even after death.
  • Energy Constructs: With the Heart Locket they hold, they can generate constructs of red energy, either offensively or defensively.
    • Forcefields: They can create forcefields and barriers to protect themselves and their friends.
    • Energy Sword: If direct combat is inescapable, they can materialize a transparent red sword to use to defend themselves.


  • Heart Locket: Frisk wears a golden heart locket that was previously worn by Chara, which grants them the ability to create constructs out of energy.


Frisk's life changed on a fateful day where they fell into Mt. Ebott. They found themselves in the underground, and they were attacked by Flowey the Flower. From there, Toriel guided them through The Ruins, and Frisk had to make an important choice: Would they spare or kill? Frisk journeyed throughout the entire underground, and they befriended many monsters along the way, those including Toriel, Sans, Papyrus, Undyne, Alphys, and Asgore, just to name a few. During this time, Chara was with Frisk as a spirit, talking to them, and giving them advice on what to do. Frisk fought Omega Flowey and defeated him, before going back to their last SAVE point to get the true ending. Frisk fought Asriel Dreemurr, and managed to spare him. Sadly, Asriel had to transform back into Flowey without his soul, and so Frisk had to leave him behind to save all the other monsters, going up to the surface.

However, as Frisk was controlled by the player, the player grew bored of this outcome and so they RESET. Frisk then goes through the events of Undertale many times, before the player finally decides to do the genocide route, a grave mistake. They reset and this time they go on a killing spree, the player controlling Frisk to kill every single monster they see. Eventually, they kill every single monster in their way. Chara was traumatized from this, and as Frisk/The Player was ready to kill Sans, something inside Chara broke. Chara grew insane and started to become obsessed with stats, such as LV, LOVE, ATTACK, DEFENSE, etc.

Because of this, Chara begged Frisk/The Player to finish the job and to wipe the timeline clean, killing everything in her way so she can grow stronger. Luckily, Frisk disagreed with this, and managed to RESET, going back to the start of the game. From here, Frisk/The Player continued to just go through the neutral and pacifist routes, doing almost the same thing each time.

However, IaLR began to merge with Undertale. Because of this, the game began to grow unstable, especially after Flowey left to enter the rooms, bored of Undertale. When this happened, the game became unplayable, and so Frisk and The Player split, finally giving Frisk their own unique personality and choices. Chara also managed to split apart from Frisk as well, her whereabouts unknown.

As The Gang enter The Room of Undertale, Frisk makes a small cameo, as The Gang can hear Flowey fighting Frisk in an unknown location. It is unknown what happens to Frisk after that, until the barrier is broken by The Gang. After that, Frisk went up to the barrier and became the spokesperson for the monsters, finally making peace between humans and monsters. Frisk then lived a good life on the barrier, with no more RESETS.


Asriel Dreemurr

Asriel is quite possibly Frisk's best friend, and the two love spending time together. Frisk reminds Asriel of Chara, although he still likes Frisk for who they are, without Chara in the picture.


Frisk and Chara spent a large amount of time together, going through the underground. They were friends and enjoyed each other's company, until Frisk finally decided to do the Genocide Route, influenced by The Player. Chara grew horrified from this, and went insane. Chara then vowed to finish the job that Frisk never finished, and has a great hatred for Frisk.







  • Some of the info about them is inspired by the animated YouTube series Glitchtale.
  • Frisk is the youngest human to ever cheat death with DETERMINATION.
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