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"You really ARE idiots."
— Flowey

Flowey the Flower, usually abbreviated to just Flowey was a flower that became imbued with the essence of Asriel Dreemurr, allowing him to posses the flower and be reborn. Due to lacking a soul, it warped Asriel's personality, giving a dark hatred of all life and everything around him. He is owned by SuperGaming101.


Barely anything is known about Flowey, other than he was once formerly Asriel Dreemur and seemingly knew Chara.

He briefly appeared, and tried to get everyone to collect his "friendliness pellets", but everyone didn't notice him. Because of this, he got extremely angry, and threatened to have them rotting in endless flames. Script removed his ability to reset, and killed him. However, he came back in The Undertale Locked room and is alive. He attempted to kill the gang at the start of The Undertale Locked Room, but he was stopped by Toriel. However, he appeared later on after Toriel was killed by the gang, and congratulated them on killing her. However, he still said that he is the ruler of everything. At the end of The Undertale Locked Room, Flowey stole the six humans souls, and transformed into Omega Flowey. The gang had a big fight, but Omega Flowey was winning. But then The Six Human Souls helped the gang and lowered Omega Flowey's Defense to 0, allowing the gang to damage him a lot, with Script ending it by moving an inch to the left, injuring Flowey a lot only leaving him on 5 HP. The gang decided to spare him, and so Flowey fled. Except Sans the Skeleton appeared and was angry at the gang for allowing Flowey to flee, and so Script killed him by moving an inch to the left.

In The Room of Star Wars, Flowey appeared briefly at the start as a ghost, when he saw Necrola's bot that can turn fallen ones into Killer Robot, hoping that he could be bought back as a Killer Robot. However, Sans knocked Flowey's Ghost back into the underworld with a Gaster Blaster.

In The Room of Clash Royale, Flowey got into an argument with Necrola because he was angry that she didn't let Flowey absorb Milo's SOUL before turning him into UNLUCKY. After this, the two became enemies. He then went to The Lair of the Dark Star.

In the final room of Season 1, The Lair of the Dark Star, Flowey decided to pretend to team up with the Dark Star and betray him once the Dark Star gave him the souls of the fallen of all that had fallen. He would then absorb those souls and kill the gang with his new extreme power. Once he absorbs the gang's souls, he would be powerful enough to destroy the Dark Star and all others that teamed up with him, and absorb all those souls, and become an ultimate god, allowing him to destroy everything over and over again. However, this plan failed, as when Flowey transformed back into Asriel, he could feel emotions again. The Gang took advantage of this, and eventually Asriel finally came back to his senses. GLaDOS then gave him a SOUL so he didn't have to transform back into Flowey, thus marking the end of Flowey, and the rebirth of Asriel.


Flowey is truly something evil, and possesses a burning hatred for all living. He is somewhat sadistic, and he'll do anything to trick someone/some people to kill them, really hurt them, or hurt their feelings. He is extremely mean, and likes to taunt people.

He was also an adept liar, coming off as extremely friendly and trustworthy when he first met the gang before he revealed his true malevolence.

Powers and Abilities

Flowey does not have many abilities.

  • Friendliness Pellets: He can generate sharp pellets at will extremely quickly, which he referred to as "Frendliness Pellets". He usually unleashes a barrage and traps his enemies in them in a circle, and hits them over and over again until they die.
  • Soul Empowerment: Flowey can become stronger by absorbing the power of a being's souls.
  • Florakinesis:


He does not have much items on him. However, he has a very big and powerful item that is one of the reasons that he is so powerful.

  • Every single weapon that can be used to murderer people. For example, knifes.
  • The power to RESET. It can be bought out in item form as an button saying RESET. It takes a lot to destroy it.


Flowey usually appears as a sentient, grinning, golden flower, with a white androecium, six yellow petals, and a light-green stem. Flowey can contort his face into a variety of expressions and mimic the faces and voices of other characters.


Howdy! I'm Flowey! Flowey the Flower!

This is Flowey's wordbubble. To use it, type in {{Speechbubble/Flowey|image=Happy|text=Howdy! I'm Flowey! Flowey the Flower!}}


This is Omega Flowey's wordbubble. To use it, type in {{Speechbubble/OmegaFlowey|image=Normal|text=MWAHAHAHAHA! I AM THE RULER OF ALL WORLDS!}}


He has never announced that he likes or loves anyone. He hates everyone and wishes to brutally kill them all, but he shows some interest in other murderers, as he thinks they are an challenge to kill, and he loves to see others go insane.

  • Sans the Skeleton: One of Flowey's worst enemies. Sans remembers all the timelines that Flowey tampers with, that he then RESETS. He usually manages to stop Flowey, even when he transforms into Omega Flowey sometimes. Flowey's nickname for him is "Smiley Trashbag".
  • Necrola: Flowey got really annoyed at her not letting him absorb Milo's souls, and insulted her a lot.

Villainous Acts

  • Attacked the gang many times.
  • Insulted the gang a lot.
  • Tried to encourage the gang a bit to become murderers.
  • Absorbed the six human souls.
  • Injured the gang a lot.
  • Killed all the monsters in the underground thousands of times and then resetted according to Sans the Skeleton.
  • Made a deal with Master Hand.



  • The gang landed on some golden flowers at the start of The Undertale Locked Room, and Flowey is a golden flower.
  • Flowey wanted the gang to kill him when he was weakened after he was Omega Flowey.
  • Flowey has a big backstory that was revealed in the finale of season one.
  • Flowey was the only villian in Season 1 who was from Undertale, not counting Chara, who only made cameos.
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