Were you looking for her normal, sane counterpart, Blossom?

Flossom is a member of the Weirderpuff Girls, which are the dumb versions of the Powerpuff Girls. She is roleplayed by JeloJellyJam.


Flossom is a novice dentist, who is the apprentice of Dr. Henry Jackman, a dentist in Echo Creek. She is currently learning in dentist school. She is happy go lucky and ditzy, she can sometimes forget what to do first when doing an operation, and can sometimes cause accidents along the way, but she does her best to fix them.

In her first appearances, she was an insane dentist, always wanting to keep people's teeth clean in pretty unsettling ways. In various cases, she has acted pretty insane in her mission to keep other's teeth clean.

In reality, her dumb personality was caused by a concussion long ago. She has now recovered, and is now fully sane.


She looks like Blossom, but she wears scrubs and white pants.


  • She has been seen frantically putting a bunch of dental tools in other characters' mouths.
  • She has been seen to have toothpaste vision.
  • She is extremely resistant. Her only known weaknesses to date are Petra's breath, and being attacked by candies and sugar in general.


The Weirderpuff Girls

She's one of them, the other two Bupples and Littercup being her sisters.

Jelo Elducal

She has cleaned Jelo's mouth at least once. Jelo doesn't think Flossom is a good dentist at all, and when he saw Flossom being Isabella's dentist, he gasped. But, Jelo is currently trying to know her better.

Blue Ocean

He always attempts to shoot Flossom immediately after seing her appear. He's the one who discovered that she is vulnerable to candies and sugar.


He wants to be her friend, first is for his friend-list, second, Parsnip believes Flossom can be a good dentist.

Everyone else

No one else in the Locked Room gang except Parsnip who wants to be her friend, really trusts Flossom to be a good dentist. They usually try to avoid her, and to get rid of her when she shows up.


Blossom is pretty much confused whenever she shows up.


  • Although she is considered as the "dumb version" of Blossom, the truth is that she and her sisters are from the normal dimension. This was confirmed in Region for the Sky.
    • To add to that, she was made when a cloning machine hit Blossom.
  • Flossom actually did drop out of dentist school. Once. She then rejoined.
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