Firefly is a Transformer from the Primax universal stream. His original name was Fireflight, but he changed it when he upgraded into his Combiner Wars form.


A young Transformer, he acts like a human child. He combines a childlike sense of wonder with the soul of a daydreamer, resulting, unfortunately, in one major menace to airborne navigation. Near collisions and crashes come fast and frequent when he's around. If Aerialbots had to be certified to take to the air he'd have been grounded for life long ago. Firefly means well and has a good heart, he just can't help losing himself in the beauty of the world when seen from the sky. It's hard for his teammates to get too mad at someone so filled with wonder and innocence, but at the same time it's also hard to fly next to someone who's never paying any attention to where he's going.

In the locked rooms

He helped everyone defeat evil clones and get past the rooms of Portal. He is now working on the rooms of Portal 2.

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