The ExploreBoy SP is one of Paper's primary items. It is a gadget which Paper use with many functions. Paper mostly uses it for navigation, and sometimes when he is bored, Paper uses it for games.


Works similar to a Gameboy Advance SP, but with many upgrades, allowing it to do many things. With 8 buttons, A, B, X, Y, D-Pad (Right,Left,Up,Down), Select, and Start. Also has a Circle Pad and Gyroscope. It also has a camera on the back and front. Time is shown on the ExploreBoy SP Menu HUD. To turn on/off the ExploreBoy SP, the person must flip a flat switch on the side of the machinery to "ON."

Menu Selection

There are 7 selections that you can pick from.


An ExploreBoy is not called an ExploreBoy without Navigation. When lost, this is recommended for finding your way from Point A to Point B. Paper uses this commonly than other selections. In navigation mode, the e-Brochure for an area can be read if the person chooses to view it.


Allows you to View or Take photos. Great for memory puzzles, and more.


Allows you to view your files.


Decoding Mode allows translation of unknown language to English. Scanning mode allows to scan objects, however it is impossible to scan the Chaos Heart, and when scanning it shows the description but in corrupted text.


Wanna listen to Music? with this selection, you can play music on your EBA SP.


A popular selection on the menu screen. The ExploreBoy SP doesn't only play GBA games, but is an emulator that can also play other games. Ranging from Modern Nintendo Games, Past Nintendo Games, PC Games, and more.


Manage things in this selection if something doesn't suit you, or not working.

Paper's Notes

"My invention has became such a great gadget for many kinds of things, such as playing games, decoding, file viewing, picture taking, and navigation."

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