Espada is Robin's main Pokémon. He's a shiny Gallade with the ability to speak english. He only appears in the spinoff, The Room of Mysteries, but is planned to appear in In a Locked Room RPG: The Wrath of Galaximus.


During the time Robin was looking for Lucas after the latter was sent into the rooms, he encountered Espada as a shiny Ralts. Robin immediately captured him despite not being a Pokémon trainer, due to his knowledge on the rarity of shiny Pokémon.

(More will be added when the RPG is finished)

Known Moves

  • Swords Dance: This raises his attack stat by two stages.
  • Close Combat: He gets close up to the foe and beats them up ruthlessly. He lowers his guard as a result, however.
  • Psycho Cut: Sends a wave of telekinetic energy that acts similar to a blade. This has a high critical hit ratio.

In In a Locked Room RPG: Galaximus' Wrath

Espada will have the same story as he did in The Room of Mysteries, but it will be somewhat mixed with the main story, where he'll agree to fight Galaximus, given the gang also helps stop Dr. Nefarious.

He will first appear after the gang beats Neptune and completes the tutorial. He'll tell the gang about his situation, and will request to join them.


  • Espada is spanish for "Sword".
  • He, Lucas' Zangoose, Barbarian King's Jangmo-o and Sonic's Latios are Moon Snail's only major Pokémon.
    • Espada shares a lot of similarities with the latter, with both being blue (Though for him, it's because he's shiny), both being Psychic-type, and both being from male-only species.
  • If The Room of Mysteries ever is revived, Espada, as well as every event in the episode by Moon Snail, will become non-canon, being incorporated into the RPG instead.

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