Escrape was an Escape Root. He was a member of T3PK and was Kelvin's best friend. The two (also including NN and Pea) saved each other countless times from hordes of zombies, resulting them two, NN, and Pea being best friends. He is looking for love and some people that care about him (he has already achieved this, and he still stays with the group because the group is what cares about him).

He'd saved the team countless times by helping them escape, which got him killed. Kelvin is emotionally distressed over his death up to this day.

Currently, he is deceased. He was killed by Clem. T3PK is currently trying to avenge him.

Background: Again, Kelvin, he, and NN have all escaped an orphanage and all went their separate ways [read Kelvin's story for more info]. In the present (during the time that they are supposed to be in and when Bloom was being sucked into portals galore), Escrape is a gangster leader. But, Kelvin re-encounters him when going back in time to find Bloom, and when Kelvin finds him in the past, he hasn't been a gangster leader yet.


Escrape is a jack-of-all trades. Loyal to teammates, he despises traitors. He believes everything must be done in teams.

Abilities, Skills, Items

  • Escape- Escrape can move/retreat anyone along with him, but it takes a great portion of his energy to do so.
  • Teleport- Unlike Pea's teleportation, his is an actual trait he was born with. Although, as said above, it takes a great portion of his energy to do so. He can only move to a different place, not time.

In a Locked Room series

Season 2A:

Ep. 4- Appeared in a flashback.

Ep. 11- Appeared in a flashback.


  • Despite being considered part of the IaLR series, he has never appeared in a single episode. He is only mentioned several times.
  • Before the IaLR series, Escrape was a Regular (main character). After his death and the introduction of T3PK into IaLR, he was demoted to Recurring (minor character), appearing in only flashbacks.
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