"All the flowers in this very forest you are standing on are mine. The forest is mine. I'm protecting it just like a mother protects her baby."
— Emma Emerald

Emma Emerald is a main character originating from Quest of the Legendary Rainbow Gem. She is a forest queen who currently watches over Echo Creek's forest, and is determined to preserve its beauty and protect it at all costs. She is roleplayed by PeaVZ108.


Emma Emerald has a octagon-shaped body with spherical edges and wears a crown flower tiara around her head attached to a pair of wings as a hairpin, a drawn flower crest on her cheek to symbolize her association with forest tribes and a dress made of grass.


In "Emerald Emergency", Emma Emerald is first seen after the gang had turned a demonic flower back to normal, which she misunderstands as an attempt to kill it. After bringing the gang to her castle, Emma Emerald mentions that Cagney Carnation helped her blossom the forest and that she wants to keep it beautiful to honor his good deed. She then tasks the gang to replace her in keeping an eye on the forest and takes a nap. The gang, however, has suspicions on Cagney Carnation and discover, with the help of Green Shadow, that it was Emma Emerald herself who blossomed the forest and Cagney Carnation altered her memory, to make her think that he was the one who blossomed the forest. At first, Emma Emerald does not believe what the gang has witnessed, until she sews the events taking place herself and eventually joins forces with the gang to get rid of Cagney Carnation.

In "Diamond Disaster", Emma Emerald is beaten up by diamond thugs, causing Toby Topaz to unleash his superpower on them. Diana Diamond also reveals that Emma Emerald used to live in Gemstonia with the other gemstones.

Powers and Abilities

  • Call of the Wild: Emma Emerald can use this to summon animals from the forest by her side to fight with her.
  • Animal Telepathy: Emma Emerald is able to communicate with animals using her mind.
  • Vine Growth: Emma Emerald can trigger vines to grow from the ground, usually used as an offensive mechanic to fend off or grab any unsuspecting enemies.
  • Root Growth: Similar to vines, Emma Emerald can trigger roots to grow from the ground as well, except that she uses this more defensively. Her roots can act as a plant shield for herself and her allies, though they are vulnerable to fire and easier to take down than actual forcefields.


  • Swordfighting: Emma Emerald is still an amateur swordfighter, but she is getting better at it the more she fights and trains with other swordfighters.


  • Natura Sword: Given by Metalshoe Jet, the Natura Sword is how Emma Emerald developed swordfighting skills. It allows her to channel her forest attacks as well.


  • Animal Advisors: Emma Emerald has her own group of animal advisors, who are loyal to her and share the same desire in protecting the forest at all costs. Her animal advisors consist of:
    • Nutty the Squirrel
    • Mimic the Parrot
    • Hissy the Snake
    • Chimp the Monkey



The two seem to have great respect for each other.


Though their relationship is unknown, it is evident that Starcade is able to keep the conversations going with Emma Emerald.

Red Ruby

Emma Emerald is more annoyed at Red Ruby than she is at the other gemstones, especially since the latter has zero regard for at least trying to protect nature.

Toby Topaz

Emma Emerald is oblivious to Toby Topaz having a crush on her, and as such, regards Toby Topaz as a normal friend like all the other gemstones.

Sean Sapphire

Despite being polar opposites, Emma Emerald is closer to Sean Sapphire than any of the other gemstones. He is the reason she started to learn swordfighting as well.

The Gemstones

Emma Emerald is generally comfortable around the gemstones, but she can snap pretty quickly if she sees them or their actions threatening nature.

Miss Bloomina

Initially, Emma Emerald is on unfriendly terms with Miss Bloomina because of the latter's attempt to take over the forest. However, after Miss Bloomina decided to restore the forest after it was polluted by Dr. Zack in The Ace Revenge, Emma has shown to be grateful and even starts to respect the latter.


Stats Emma Emerald.png

Emma Emerald has above average defense and HP stats, but her other stats are not very good otherwise. That is because she tends to take a more defensive approach in battle, as her desire to protect her allies is greater than that of defeating the enemy. While she does little on the offensive, her main strategy is to let her allies do the damage while she uses her powers to protect them. Her strongest playing field is nature - Emma is able to dominate in the forest or any similar areas as she knows best on how nature works, but is weak in many other playing fields.

In IaLR: Tier Lists - Meet the Gemstones, Emma Emerald is a D tier character. Her strong defensive stats allow her to last long in endurance battles, but as she relies too much on these stats and allies to help her fight, she does a poor job when it comes to fighting back her opponents especially when she is alone.



Cult of Personality (Tan Line Temple) - Shantae and the Pirate's Curse -OST-

Emma Emerald's Battle Theme



  • In "Sapphire Shortcoming", it is revealed that her telepathic calls will not work when she is not in a forest/jungle area.
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