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Laura, now known as Electra, is a 17-year old human who was one of many teens affected by the failure of Dr. Zack's experiment, enhancing her physical abilties, as well as granting her electrokinetic powers. At first, she and other super-powered teens worked for Dr. Zack, but now she is a proud member of the Locked Room Gang.

The character is roleplayed and owned by Redfork2000.


Electra is smart, cunning and arrogant. She likes to show off her genius, and will always find a way to prove that she's smarter than her enemies. She may even make fun of them when she outsmarts them. The most notorious case is with one of her greatest rivals, Alice.

Electra is self-absorbed and arrogant at times, and will say good things about herself to boost her own ego. She also likes when others praise her, too, and seems specially annoyed when others think they're better than her, for example Breeze.

She can be quite bossy at times, specially to the members of her team, frequently calling them out for their actions. However, despite this, it can be seen that Electra truly cares about them, and wouldn't trade them for anything else. As seen for example during The Ace Plan, when she nearly defeats the gang, but after realizing that killing the gang would kill her teammates as well, she chooses to save them, even if it means letting the gang go.

She seems to be a bit jealous when other girls are interested in Boom, given that she has a crush on Boom herself, and doesn't appreciate when other girls seem to have a special interest for Boom, such as the case of Molly, Polly or Alice.

Powers and Abilities

Electra has the standard abilities of a Superpowered Teen:

Unique Powers

  • Electrokinesis: Electra's defining skill is her electrokinesis, allowing her the ability to generate electricity. She uses this offensively on multiple occasions.
    • Lightning Bolts: She can fire lightning bolts from each hand, the strength of which can vary depending on how much force she puts into it.
    • Electro Forcefield: Her electrokinesis allows her to generate a forcefield of electricity to shield her from attacks.
  • Flight: Electra can fly without the need for wings.


  • Computer Geek: Electra is skilled in the use of computer systems, rivaling Blue Ocean and Starcade's abilities with computers.


Stats Electra.png

The first thing we can see with Electra's stats is that she has high intelligence, mobility and power stats, these three being the stats that define her main strategy. She is an expert with computers, and her intelligence also allows her to outsmart opponents easily. Her high power stat comes from her super strength (which is less than that of Blast or Boom, but is still noticeable), and her electric powers. She also has high mobility, as she can fly at high speeds, comparable to the speed of Blast or Boom.

Her main weakness is her low defense stat, and below average health stat. While it's certainly not terrible, it's not enough to defend her from the powerful blows characters like Red Fork or Takeshi could dish out. According to IaLR: Tier Lists - Characters of the Blast/Dr. Zack Plot!, Electra as at C tier, having the skills to easily finish off most low and mid-tiers while suffering minimal damage, but she still isn't powerful enough to take down high-tier powerhouses.

Relations with other characters

  • Blast: Blast used to be one of Electra's greatest enemies. However, nowadays Electra considers him a good friend.
  • Tommy: Electra sees Tommy as a good friend, even though he can be annoying at times.
  • Alice: Electra has mixed feelings on Alice, since they are both intellectual rivals. Electra always wants to prove that she's smarter than Alice, but it doesn't always work for her. Even if they're both in the gang, they still have that rivalry.
  • Blade: The two of them are very close friends, and partners. Electra is usually the one leading the way, with Blade following her along, although Blade is the one that has Electra's main weakness.
  • Scorch: Electra values Scorch as a strong ally, but also believes that he's pretty crazy. Still, she appreciates the help.
  • Starcade: Electra and Starcade are similar, since they are both computer experts. However, both girls used to have a rivalry between each other, as pointed out in some stories. Nowadays they get along much better.
  • Red Ruby: Red Ruby is the single member of the gang Electra has the most trouble getting along with. She already considered him annoying when she was a villain, but even now as a member of the gang, Electra still finds it hard to get along with him.
  • Boom: Electra considers Boom a great leader, and a loyal friend. Despite him being bossy to her sometimes, Electra has developed a crush on Boom, even though she'd never admit it.



Elec Man & Sheep Man (WillRock Remix)

Electra's Theme


Mega Man 1 ElecMan (Beat Bender Remix)

Electra's Battle Theme



  • Like with other First-Generation teens, her previous name was revealed in Ace's Dojo.