William Stillwater or by his agent name Dynasty is a military spy and protagonist of the In a Locked Room series, who made his appearance in Locked Room 3D World.


Agent Dynasty is a ruthless, cold and intimidating soldier, making sure that everyone knows he is not to be messed with, going as far as challenging his own allies. Nevertheless, he is a caring and sympathetic person at heart, believing that Galaximus just went insane and wanted to rehabilitate her.


Dynasty wears a military-grade riot armor which is made out of reinforced titanium, which is mined from the rocks from the ring of Saturn. He also has a belt that has pockets that contain grenades, EMPs, and occasional spare ammo. He wears a black helmet that has a pair of oval-shaped cosmetic goggles. The helmet also has a giant remote-active mouth guard that almost covers his entire, leaving only his eyes visible.


Jelo Elducal - Jelo and his gang found him in a crashed helicopter and introduced himself and the gang (when Dynasty threatened them to shoot them). More info on their relationship to be added soon.

Jenny - Despite him and Jenny bickering at each other, even to his surprise, they share the same characteristics. They have a very dangerous villain as their arch nemesis (Galaximus for Jenny, Mr. Red for Dynasty), has a fiery temper and get quite dangerous when angered enough (Jenny growing at a large size and Dynasty gaining an adrenaline rush).

Nepgear - Nepgear is usually impressed by Dynasty's timeline's high technology, going to the point that she passes out in complete awe.

Mr. Red - He and Mr. Red are arch-nemesis for god knows how long. He hates and fears Mr. Red and vice-versa. They are usually seen fighting each other.

Galaximus - Despite Dynasty and Galaximus fighting each other, he actually feels bad for her. Though Jenny tries to tell him that turning her good again is impossible, Dynasty is determined to rehabilitate her through all means possible.

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