Dumb Characters are entities appear when the 4th wall is broken. As to be expected from their name, they're completely stupid and nonsensical. They are known to be the "mascots" of 4th wall breaking.

Most Dumb Characters are counterparts of already-existing characters, either being deformed and extremely idiotic; having personalities, names, and abilities based off puns on their original counterparts' names; or in rare cases, based off bizarre and/or meme variants. There are, however, some Dumb Characters who are their own characters instead of being counterparts.




  • They could be considered Big Lipped Alligator Moments, as they appear out of nowhere, make no sense, don't affect the story in any way, and are never mentioned again after they leave.
  • Moon Snail coined the term "Dumb Character", as its first known use was on the third part of The Room of Super Mario Galaxy.[1]


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