Dragons are a race of extremely powerful creatures, so rare that most people do not believe in their existence. Long ago, they were a very common race in Lunaracol, but after Ripto entered the rooms, they quickly dropped to critically endangered level. Now most of them remain in Dragon Soul.


Unlike most races, dragons have no one main body type. Dragons, as a whole, are large reptillian creatures capable of flight. From there, dragons can garner a large amount of body types. The most common type is the Drake. Drakes are quadrupedal dragons with large wings and a scaly belly and chest. Another type of dragon is the Wyvern. Wyvers are bipedal dragons with wings replacing their arms, and may or may not have arms attached onto their wings. Finally. the third most common dragon type is the Serpent. Serpents are legless dragons similar to eels and snakes, and simply fly to move around. They may or may not have arms, and can be found both in the sky and underwater.

Skytonian Dragons

A special sub-type of dragons is the Skytonian dragons. As their name suggests, they come from the region of Skytonia. Unlike normal dragons, these ones inherent the special Skytonian magic that fills the area, making them more powerful than any normal dragon. Sadly, after Ripto's attack, all but one of them were killed, meaning that they may soon become extinct.

Notable Dragons


  • Dragon-type Pokémon are not actually dragons, but are very closely related, to the point where they are allowed into Dragon Deathmatch.
  • While Torchy Snap and Kelvin Degries resemble dragons, they aren't actually dragons. Since they are plants and not related to dragons, they are not actually allowed in Dragon Deathmatch.
  • Dragons were a controversial addition to the IaLR series, due to adding a layer of darkness to the story, as well as causing some oddity with the timeline.
    • Another potential problem is that it disallows users from making dragon characters, but this is set to change in the future.
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