Doctor Alas Creepinson or simply known as Dr. Creep is a villain in the In a Locked Room series, who made his appearance in The Science of Metal Madness.


Dr. Creep wears a black lab coat, grey shirt, black pants, boots, and gloves. On his right side, he has caucasian skin, blue eyes, and black hair. His left side takes the appearance of a Creeper and has red eyes


Alas Creepinson was the son of worldwide scientific celebrity name Ethan Creepinson, who was trying to create the world's first artificial lifeform. However, one fateful day, when Alas was 16, Ethan was mysteriously murdered when he was doing research. Wanting to continue his father's research, Alas decides to take up science, genealogy, and biology. Despite being constantly made fun of by his fellow students, including some of his teachers, Alas kept pushing forward to graduate school and college and took up his father's fame. He eventually succeeds in creating the first artificial lifeform. However, the creature then proceeded to explode, emitting a unique, near-lethal radiation that turned half his body into multiple shades of green. This caused him to go insane and decides to become a supervillain and get revenge on everyone who tormented him.


  • Bright Spark: Dr. Creep was his ally in The Science of Metal Madness. Though he has his own doubts, Dr. Creep still helps him defend a genetic research facility that guards an Element of Harmony. He and Bright Spark went their separate ways after their defeat.
  • Galaximus: When he first encounters her, he ended up falling deeply in love with her and eventually joined the Galactic Army as a general.
  • Kaitlynn Railley: Dr. Creep has a huge rivalry with her, believing that she is much smarter than him and is willing to prove that he is the smartest man alive (though it usually fails).
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