"It won't sting a little bit, but it will sting a lot."
— Doc Luingus when using syringes

Doctor Luingus Leonardo Stacheman or also called Doc a protagonist in Season 2, and is Paper's younger brother. Unlike his older mad scientist brother, Doc specializes as a medical doctor. Doc has an evil clone named Mad Doc Luinsanity. Doc Luingus prefers to use his Ult-powered Medi-Syringe Gun that would heal and teammates and damage enemies at the same time. Unlike the TF2 Medic, Doc didn't lose his medical degree. Doc is potrayed by PaperMarioFan1000.

Official Description

Medic! Medic! Medic! If there isn't a medic then this guy will be your medic today. He will shoot you with his syringe gun and bam, your all healed. Just with a little Mushrooms, One-upium, and Shroomium will do the healing effect to you, and the toxic effect to enemies.


  • Low Attack Power
  • Moderate Defense
  • High Speed
  • Moderate Health
  • Ability: Healing Circle


Doc Luingus is a passionate person who helps the Locked Room Gang by healing them. Like Paper, he doesn't even care about the minor things that offend him.


Season 2

In Season 2, Doc makes his first appearance in the episode Here we Are. He sees his injured teammates and healed them. In The Labyrinth, He is placed in Jelo's group in the maze.

The Room of Mysteries

In the Room of Mysteries, Doc is the only one of Paper's characters to participate.


Doc Luingus


Paper and Doc Luingus, a.k.a. the Stacheman Duo, have a relationship of brotherly love. Like all brothers, they get in fights, work together, hangout and spend time with each other. Since Paper and Doc cares so much about each other, they do whatever they can to help each other.


Doc, like Paper, treats his own clone as another brother in the family. Despite his looks, behaviors, and actions, they still accept him as a brother.

Items owned

  • Doc's Ult-powered Medi-syringe gun
  • Various Medicine
  • Crabbie Grass
  • Thousands of Prescription Papers
  • Bashing Board (His Clipboard)
  • Chain-bonesaw
  • Pills


  • Paper and Luingus' Middle Names are based on famous artists
    • Paper's name orgins from Max Beckmann or Max Ernst. But with Maxwell instead of Max.
    • Doc Luingus' name origins from Leonardo Da Vinci.

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