Digital Reset was a story series based on the In a Locked Room series of roleplays. This series is created by Fairy27. It featured Sasha Stylink and her Digimon partner, Lopmon, as they form their friendship in the Digital World, which is at its danger of being reset completely by an unknown virus. This series takes place at the same time as the Locked Room Gang takes the Locked Room Challenge, at between Season 1 and 2.

Not too long ago, this story series is discontinued because of the creator's loss of interest in Digimon in general. She also felt like it has a "rough start", and she doesn't get too much free time until every summer or break for this alone. All of its content are to be erased in canon, except Sasha owning Lopmon.


Main Characters

  • Sasha Stylink - A pink and stylish Inkling who likes exciting events most of the time, and has a big dream to achieve.
    • Digimon Partner: Lopmon - The Digimon that wanted a special friend for a long time after she found out her friend already died.
  • Dractor - A man who usually wears a hat with the dragon and galactic design and wishes to make his space observatory a top place to visit.
    • Digimon Partner: Dracomon - The shiny collector and mostly succeeds at it, but doesn't know what "equality" really means.
  • Fantasmo - A headstrong human boy who only cares about his actions and how those may affect his future.
    • Digimon Partner: Tsukaimon - The trouble-making partner of Fantasmo, but is actually good at battling against other Digimon.

Secondary Characters

  • Red (Inkling)|Red - Sasha's cousin and is one of the masters of staring contests, but wants to catch up to things more.
    • Digimon Partner: Nanimon - TBA
  • Maylora - A Mayflower who is a known adventurer to Suburbia, and wants to greet anyone in front of her.
    • Digimon Partner: Floramon - TBA

Planned Episodes

No. Title Written by Release date
1 All About Linking Pink Fairy27 July 7, 2017

Sasha Stylink, in the past, wanted to become special apart from other Inklings. One day, after failing to completely brag herself in a hotel, she soon met a digital encounter on her mobile device that's acting strangely. What could it be?

No. Title Written by Release date
2 Learning One Another Fairy27 Around July 14, 2017

The meeting between Sasha and Lopmon may be too brief as many things need to be settled first. The former needs to hide Lopmon from other Inklings, because she fears they will get frightened from her. Will that maintain?

No. Title Written by Release date
3 To Stay or Not to Stay Fairy27 Unknown

Sasha and Lopmon leap to the Digital World, and met Dractor and Fantasmo, with their Digimon partners with them already. Dractor wanted to stay away from the recently-made group just to plan accordingly, but he gets himself into trouble. Will he eventually stay with the group?

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