"All of us used to live together happily in Gemstonia and we once even saved the Earth together with our combined powers. It was only after we saved the Earth that we went about our separate ways."
— Diana Diamond to the gang about the gemstones' origins

Diana Diamond is a main character originating from Quest of the Legendary Rainbow Gem. She is the beautiful princess of Gemstonia and leader of the group of gemstone heroes. She is roleplayed by PeaVZ108.


Diana Diamond has a diamond-shaped body, red velvet lipstick and light purple eye shadows. She wears a gold crown with colored gems, a pink princess dress with diamond shards, a light blue pearl necklace with a gold crystal, a pair of white long gloves and a pair of magenta stilettoes.

Powers and Abilities

  • Super Durability: As a diamond gemstone, Diana Diamond is one of the most durable members of the Locked Room Gang. She is extremely resistant, or even sometimes immune, to physical attacks, allowing her to take more damage than most characters. However, the same cannot be said for other attack types, such as elemental or magic.
  • Forgery: Diana Diamond can create tools and objects in the blink of an eye, which have the exact same functions as real life counterparts. However, such tools and objects only last for a limited period of time before they disappear, forcing Diana to create another one if she needs to. Items include swords, shields, boomerangs, hammers, etc.


  • "Swordfighting": Diana Diamond's technique of swordfighting is different from other swordfighters like Kyoji and Captain Red Shell. Rather than swinging a sword as a melee weapon, she throws it at her opponents like a spear, knowing that she can always create a spare sword afterwards.


  • Rainbow Orb: The main source of the gemstones' powers. If it is broken or drained of its essence, the gemstones will be rendered powerless, including Diana Diamond herself. Knowing that it is dangerous in the wrong hands, Diana always keeps the Rainbow Orb safe with her wherever she goes.
    • Summoning the Legendary Rainbow Gem: As the name implies. When the gemstones come together and say a certain incantation, they will fuse together and summon the Legendary Rainbow Gem, a superpowered gemstone with powerful rainbow magic capable of hurting even deities.
    • Mirror Magic: Thanks to a recent upgrade to Diana Diamond's Rainbow Orb by Metalshoe Jet, Diana can possess the abilities of any of her gemstone friends at any time. She cannot use the respective abilities as efficiently as the other gemstones, and overusing this ability will drain her stamina, so she has to use it wisely. This ability can be used by anyone who possesses the Rainbow Orb, not just Diana herself.


In "Diamond Disaster", the gang locate Diana Diamond trapped in a cell with the help of Amelia Amethyst's magic. However, they soon have suspicions on her as they find her behavior rather peculiar, pointing out her rudeness and her unexpected knowledge of Amelia Amethyst's magic. It is later revealed to be a set-up, as the Diana Diamond the gang found turned out to be one of the Devil's minions, who is an expert of ventriloquism. The real Diana Diamond is about to be turned into gold, but with Toby Topaz's berserk superpower, the gang manage to help her escape while turning the tables on the Devil by replacing her with the fake princess, causing the Devil to get a bad luck charm after dipping the fake princess into his solution. Diana Diamond then reveals that she can fight on her own, as well as the fact that all the gemstones used to live in Gemstonia.

In "Rainbow Gem vs. the Forces of Evil", Diana Diamond forgets the incantation to arise the Legendary Rainbow Gem, only to remember with the help of Star Butterfly.



The two share a mutual relationship, and look out for one another during their final confrontation against Shogo the Warlord.


Diana Diamond does not seem to mind helping Starcade, who on the other hand appreciates it a lot.

The Gemstones

As the leader of the gemstones, Diana Diamond cares and looks out for each and every one of them. She also tends to stay away from any conflicts that may rise among the gemstones, or try putting a stop to them if they go too far, ensuring to the best of her ability that nothing will separate the gemstones from each other again.


Stats Diana Diamond.png

Diana Diamond's stats have a mixture of ups and downs. As a diamond, she has one of the highest defense stats in the entire meta, being almost invulnerable to physical attacks. Thanks to her recent upgrade of having access to the other gemstones' abilities, Diana's stats have been greatly improved, which has also caused Diana to move up quite a few ranks. This also adds to her versatility, allowing her to adapt to any playing field easily. She does not have many counters as such, but she can still be hurt by non-physical attacks and she cannot use the other gemstones' abilities as well as the other gemstones.

In IaLR: Tier Lists - Meet the Gemstones, Diana Diamond is a B tier character. With extremely high defensive stats, Diana is able to last longer in battle than most mid-tiers and top-tiers. She can even fight back pretty well with the help of her variety of abilities, but she generally falters in power and mobility stats, stats which many mid-tiers are good in.




Shovel Knight- King Knight Stage (Arranged)

Diana Diamond's Battle Theme


  • Diana Diamond is the only gemstone who stayed in Gemstonia after the gemstones were separated.
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