Derek is a Hurrikale who worked for Clem upon introduction. He'd never wanted to, and agrees with Sasha that the camp is weird. Although, it's later revealed that though he doesn't want to work for her, he did so anyway because he was a coward siding with the larger force.

Background: Derek worked in the Cold Room before Clem's army took it over. Everyone else was captured or killed, but Derek managed to side with them after seeing that they were greater in number. Upon accepting Clem's offer of working with her, he immediately disagreed with her actions, but spoke nothing about it due to wanting to side with the greater force.


Derek at first seemed like a nice guy, able to be trusted by Sasha. Although, Sasha soon figured out that he wasn't too loyal, and would switch sides depending on which was winning or seemed larger. He can be described as a coward, but gets angry when someone admits that he seems like one in front of him.

Abilities, Skills, Items

  • None- as of now.

In a Locked Room series

Season 2A:

Ep. 5- Introduced. Derek meets Sasha, and it's revealed he never wanted to work for Clem. He also believes and agrees with Sasha that the camp is strange. Sasha brushes him off, though, even when it's clear he wants to help her.  

Ep. 6- Sasha asks him for help to get her out of the camp. He refuses to, stating that if he were caught, he'd be punished. He reveals a bit of his past, and hints that he sided with Clem due to her army's force being greater. Sasha calls him a coward, which makes him angrily demand her to leave. Later the next day, the two agree, although in a negative matter, that the conversation they had the night before had never happened. As tensions in the camp escalates due to break-ins being more frequent, Sasha then demands Derek forcefully not to tell anyone that she wanted to leave, to which he also agrees.


  • Upon his introduction, Derek's last name wasn't revealed.
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